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Revell 400 something Arizona WIP

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On 7/16/2017 at 10:30 AM, Don said:

Too bad Photobucket ruined your pictures as I would have liked to have seen them:crying:.




Hi Don, 

It's posted over on the Model Ships.com site at http://www.modelwarships.com.


This link takes you to the completed article and there's a link on that page to take you to the build thread on that site.


Thanks for looking

Mark B.

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Wow! Awesome looking Arizona Mark. Thanks for posting the links. My Son bought me this same kit for Fathers Day and I have been dry fitting stuff on it. Boy the lower hull sections look like they will be a bear to get together. I notice in the pictures that it looked like you held them together in a vice?

Great work again!



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Thanks Don.


Yeah if I remember correctly, that area was where I was having difficulty getting the halves to touch.  I also took part of the thick srpue runners that had been attached to the hull halves and sanded it flat on the bottom and then cut it into half inch or so lengths.  I glued them in as braces across the joint in this area after as well just because I was paranoid about the seem opening up in this area later on. 

One thing I have found that comes in handy are these trigger grips:

I got a set at the local Hardware store for $8 or so dollars...



They are light very easy to adjust and can apply a very small or large amount of force as necessary.



C clamps have their uses too. 




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