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Bristol Beaufighter

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Hello all; first time posting up here so I figured I would start with the new one on the bench. Tamiyas 1/48 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.VI night fighter.


I found it kind of funny opening the box to all black plastic, I guess we all get used to the grey and tan styrene.....LOL. Build starts off as usual with the CP area. This is strictly OOB so no fancy stuff on this one.




Depending on the scale Im working on I usually like to use oils for the instrument panel. I find it a lot easier to "push" the paint into the small instruments.




getting the wing structures togeather now and should have some more shots up in a day or so.


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RM, Rob - thank you

So Moving along, I sprayed the interior cabin (fuselage halves) and gave them a wash with 502 oils "shadow brown", unfortunately you will not see any of it.



All the control surfaces are assembled and sanded:



The final CP assembly completed:


Fuselage halves have been joined and sanded:


The canopy masks have arrived and I will be getting the wings and surfaces assembled shortly. I need to do some more work on the landing gear and will have some photos of that up shortly.



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Rightwinger - thank you I appreciate it.

Well who said you cant get enough detail out of a pre-molded engine. I first hit the entire part with the base coat of XF71. When that had dried I grabbed a bottle of Model Master buffing metalizer in "burnt metal. This stuff is pre thinned and is for airbrush use only..........well not for me, I utilized this as a wash. when the first coat "wash" had dried I simply did it again.


When that had dried I hit the center with Vallejo black and the governor was painted in Vallejo black grey.


I set that aside and finished up the props, landing gear and wheels. They are painted and flat coated but weathering has not been completed yet.


Canopy is masked, and attached and I have completed some minor filling after attaching all the control surfaces. more photos to follow on that.

More to follow


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