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European cabover with sleeper?

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If I wanted to build one of the European style trucks, I'm guessing my only options are what Italeri offers, correct?

I've looked at their site... pretty cool trucks... DAF, Volvo, Mercedes Actros, etc. Does anyone here have any experience building them? I can't seem to find any sites discussing the actual build process of any of these truck models. Doesn't seem to be a popular genre, compared to the aircraft sites like ARC.

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I don't have a lot of experience with the Italeri truck kits since they don't do a lot of US trucks, but they are supposed to be pretty good kits. A few like the recent Volvo semi (780?) are curbsides but most of the kits have detailed engines.

Revell of Germany also does some truck kits but I think they are mostly European fire apparatus and US trucks.

Model Cars Magazine has a fairly active truck forum. Seems like most are building US trucks, but the odd euro truck pops up, and I'm sure you could get feed back about specific kits.


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The Italeri kits are good. They take some care and if you don't rush things they will produce good kits for your shelf. The negative side is that all newer ones are boring eurotractors in 4x2 configuration.

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