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-another Prediator

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To give me somthing to do when off work, with a de-calibrated head.

I thought Mmmm "what about that Bronco predator sitting there, so lonely next to the SK Reaper".


Dispite the instructions NOT telling which is which optional fuslarge bottom. I figured out the larger radome must be for the Recon version, having the synthetic aperture radar (SAR). (Or are they the same now ?)

The main brain strain, was getting the propellor around the right way. However a quick internet search convinced me it was RH spinning ? "push me" prop ? (forgive me I'm a jet guy).

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Well heres this afternoons effort.


Colours I am guessing is an off white ? maybe even a Satin, camouflage grey H-28 ?

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I'm building the same kit. I had the same problem trying to figure out which bottom fuselage to use. I just compared the parts with the drawings on the decal location page. I think I painted mine Light Ghost Grey. I'll have to check when I get home.

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Colour? Predator colour, of course!

-someone had to do it ....I suppose ! (back in your trap !)

actualy, I think the're stark white.


At least the RQ-1L is.

thinking of doing this....a bit modern,ner ?


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Ok,....weekend update.

After a recovery from, a disastrous attempt at hand painting the underside white.

I am trying out a few mods. For both a port(RHS in the kit) side airscoop, and a satcom/Foxtel style "fuel tank" blister.


I am starting to belive that UAV's are simmalar to Marine Helo's (no two are alike !).

Anyway's, here is the current insparation.


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Okie dokie.....all done, a nice little project and a neat subject. As others have said - Just getting the balance right on the spindely tripod legs was tricky.

Distance shot, to give prespective


Starboard Profile


and a mirror of my 'insparation' shot


-Great kit of a 'Bin laden finder/seeker'

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