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Tell you what Diamond I will be the test bed for this one. I will let everyone know how it works, The sand paper would be a good idea if the backing were as thin as a decal thats why i suggested the future then sprinkling salt over it to render the non slip surface. If I can get these templates to print out right I will give all of my ideas and progress to everyone who is even thinking about this. To me it would look way better on the model rather than the decals. Give me a couple of days and I should have some results. JOSH.

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Very fine sand might be better than salt... about ten minutes ago I just thought that if you used Testors superfine-grit stuff and sprayed it with FS37031 or 37038, their backing is thin enough that, while not QUITE decal thin, it might not need material taken off the model surface to compensate.

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A suggestion for the walkways - try this on some scrap plastic first!

I know it will mess up your paint scheme but for armor models needing a non-slip surface I use use liquid cement and an old paintbrush to create a similar effect.

1) Take your old paint brush and cut down the bristles until you have short stubby ones.

2) Paint some liquid cement onto the plastic and then gently 'stipple' the plastic by dabbing the brush onto the plastic until you get the effect you want.

The cement softens the plastic slightly so the stippling creates a rough surface. As the cement evaporates, the plastic starts to harden again, so it leaves the rough surface in place.

Work with one or two panels at a time. You may find more than one application is needed - better to do it twice than flood the plastic with too much cement as this will damage other detail. You may need to gently sand away any tiny plastic 'strings' but I don't usually have much of a problem.



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Good pointer John. How do you all mask smaller things like numbers and things. I normally use frisket film but noone here in my town caries it anymore. I have been thinking about masking them with Tamiya tape but man what a task thats going to be. So do you guys have an easier way of masking things like the #50 on the side of this aircraft. I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks JOSH.

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darn! john tapsell got there before me with that technique! regarding masking, i'd use tamiya tape if you want clean looking lettering/numbers but for a more 'sprayed' on look, cut a mask from paper, back it with small worms of blutack so that it sits just off the surface and airbrush. Difficult to get right and needs practice! loving the build, keep it up

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Got a small update. Got the tail painting started. I think it looks pretty good so far. It needs some touch ups but coming along slowly. God I cant wait to get the thing decaled and painted so I can start the weathering and get the rest of this thing together. I have one more of the MARINES and a YJ to paint tomorow them its on to the decals. I also need to paint the stars and stripes, That should be fun. Hope you all like it. JOSH


HPIM1051 by Devilleader501, on Flickr


HPIM1058 by Devilleader501, on Flickr


HPIM1050 by Devilleader501, on Flickr

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Well after painting the rest of the tail and the last MARINES i decided I needed to sand with some fine sand paper to get the high spots off. WRONG WOW how did this happen. The white turned red and I can't figure out how to get it undone. I have used every trick in the book and this thing still has a pink Horse on it, the lettering too. Guess I'm going to have to repaint and hope to GOD that I can keep it clean and Very thin. Sigh. :bandhead2: :bandhead2: :bandhead2:

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Well I figured I'd give the whole texture thing a try to see what I could come up with. I think it looks way better than any decal you would ever put on this thing especially when it gets weathered. Here are the nose tips of the drop tanks I just did. The picture looks way more textured than it really is because my camera picks up so much detail.


IMG_0147 by Devilleader501, on Flickr

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The Stars and Bars have been started and the HMH-465 also. The squadron numbers and Name will probably not come out like expected. They are very small and masking them is a chore that i am not fond of. Next time I will try harder to order custom made decals. I will just have a bunch of touch ups to do. here is where she is at this point.


IMG_0148 by Devilleader501, on Flickr


IMG_0149 by Devilleader501, on Flickr


IMG_0150 by Devilleader501, on Flickr

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This is from another site.....but I have asked how he did his walkways, hope he divulges.


They are just perfect!!


I know that some guys use Mr Surfacer for the non skid on AFV kits, so it could be that.

Gino (HeavyArty), did a write up over on Armorama about using American Accents Terra Cotta textured spray paint.


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A bit of an update if anyone is still following this build. It has been a long while and I broke down to finish the non slip walkways. I am tired of this thing sitting around so its now time to Hammer down and get her finished. I found a better material than the fine grade salt to use. I found a very fine almost powdered black pepper shaker at the store and decided to try it and see what it looked like. I am very pleased with the results. To me it looks very realistic. The pictures dont do this thing justice because my camera picks up so much detail. With the naked eye it looks spot on for a match with the anti slip coatings i have seen on 53's I have refueled.

One or two more days with this rhythm and I will be able to start laying down decals and start weathering. Just a pointer to anyone who tries this method, if you touch the pepper with your fingers like I did to get it to lay it's self into the paint DO NOT touch your eyes afterward. :bandhead2:

Ok for the method I used this time, I used a satin black paint. I taped the areas off that get no anti slip coating and painted everything else with a brush to get a good layer of paint to glue the pepper to. After that I poured the pepper over it and lightly smashed it into the wet paint. Let it stand for about 10 minutes and then I recovered it with the black paint one more time. When it was dry, about 3 hours or so I hit it lightly with some 1,000 grit sand paper to scuff it up and look makt is look used. Final weathering will yield better overall results but sanding is to knock down some of the high bumps of the pepper.

Only 3 more small areas to do anti slip coatings on and I am home free to start touch ups then start the decals. I am hoping with all of the fuss of me trying different things with this model that I can keep interested in it long enough to finish her up. Hope you all like what I have come up with as much as me. It really does look great when it is right in front of you.



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Got most of the painting done. Need to redo the WARHORSE on the nose but for the most part paint is done. I have a few touch ups also but they are minor. Will be moving on to decals soon. It's finally starting to look like the actual aircraft it is modeled after. I have a line on a C-130 finally if the guy will get back with me. This DIO will look awesome when it's finished.




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Got PO'd the other night and decided to repaint the tail. I also got the Marines painted on both sides. Only paint I have left is to go over the tail code one more with black to get the drop shadowing like the rest of the aircraft. Fireball Modelworks is doing custom decals for the WARHORSE and the HMH-465 so eventually those will be stripped and redone as well. Those things are just to small to mask and paint. Going to probably start the decals tomorrow on engines and such but for the most part decals will be hit hard the following day. after that is done I will start the weathering.

I think I may have to redo the rotor blades though. I painted them way before I figured out how to really make them look used and weathered so I think I will strip them and start over. The main rotor head is done except for some touch ups. I'm on the home stretch and I am excited. This thing is really starting to look good. Here is a few pics of what I have done in the last couple of days.





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