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EAF Su-7 BMK - Yom Kippur/Ramadan War 1973

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is this a hard kit i was looking at gessing one

Well I've built easier ones, but this is quite a fun build.

It just take a bit more work than, say a Tamiya/Hasegawa kit.


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Time for an update on the exhaust.


It doesn't fit ! :deadhorse1:

Soo I donned my thinking cap, read all articles about the Su-7 here on ARC and elsewhere to find a solution for this.

After that I took out some knives and files and started to get rid of the inner one of the two ridges.


Test fit.



OK, on the topside, but not on the bottom.

Soo, I did some more thinking and came to the conclusion that the ring on the bottom of the exhaust tube is to large.

So I trimmed it about 1mm with my trusty Stanley knife.



And that did the trick.


Now the exhaust is glued in place.

Hopefully the nosecone and cockpit will fit better...

To be continued...


WOW... it wouldve been nice for there to be a mention of that issue by Eduard in the Instructions since they did release this kit with their PE for a milited edition build.... i have the kit at home and their is no mention..... for the $$ they charge for this rebox, good instructions are a requirement.

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Dry-fitting is a MUST. Most major issues can be solved that way, especially exhaust and wings-fuselage joints. This goes to everybody who is planing to do this kit or Su-17/22. Those fitters don't fit :D . Apart from that, it is a very nice kit and like Marlin said, a very fun build.

very nice progress Marlin...

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Thanks Guys,

Like I said, this isn't a shake´n bake kit.

It takes some effort and It'll fight you every time.

It's almost like fishing....

It's a battle of will(s)

The nosegear is almost finished.

I'll do an update on this during sunday....


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Hi gang.

This isn't a fast build as I think you know by now.

I've done the PE airbrakes and armed my Su-7 now.

Not much to write home about, so I'll let the pictures speak for them selves.











There are still some more bits to do, but I can smell the finnish line by now.

To be continued....


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Hi Gang.

My Su-7 is now finished.

I've added the last few piece to it during this week.

This build took me six months and I had lots of fun.









On to the next one.



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