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Van Buren Boys

1/72 Gran S-75 (SA-2 Guideline)

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I have taken a break from the aircraft side and I have completed a couple of air defense systems (S-125 to follow).

First here's a picture of a real S-75 on display at the National Museum of the USAF in Dayton Ohio.


And some info about it:


On to the model. Evidently I got the version of this kit that does not have any decals. So, that was a disappointment. Also my trip to Dayton was after completeing this model, so maybe on my next S-75 I will incorporate some more details. ;)


The model built up very quickly, and I put together a small base. Here are pictures of the completed model:







I did consider building up a revetment like this one pictured near Tobruk, Libya:


Maybe next time. Happy to answer any questions.

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Excellent work. :thumbsup: No trouble getting it together?

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nice one... very nice.

Nice photo-placement/skills too (grrr envy)

Thanx Wege! I got lucky with the nice weather outside that day. ;)

Nicely done!

Thank you pollie!

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