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JB Models 1:76 Saracen APC

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Another JB Models 1:76 kit, this time it is a Saracen APC from the 50's.

Nice kit t build up. Drilled out the turret machine gun and as per my previous Saladin , added detail to the front and rear lights and closed in the top hatch. Vallejo paints used throughout, with dot filters and pin washes using oils and MIG washes. MIG pigments were used to further weather the little build. I replaced the aerials with piano wire as well.

New camera, new issues!

I replaced the awful kit Bren gun for a much nicer, though slightly bigger (1:72) white metal casting given to me by a good friend. Thanks Les!




Comments welcome as always

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Well done on a tough little kit, but like you say, there are lots of opportunities here.

These are kits that fill a niche - and even took on somewhat of a new life with Airfix re-boxing them.



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Thanks Adam

Sometimes being a armour braille scaler means not a lot of interest is generated when a finished build is posted on a model forum.

Some braille scale kits are very complex and detailed builds.

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