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Ryanair Considers Offering In-Flight P0rn

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Probably the same guy who installed the pay as you go LAV. Next he'll have the passengers sort and load their own luggage after all they have been screened through the Airport screening.

I'm sure he'll be installing the rotating restaurant (vending machines) in his aircraft too.

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Why would they want to do that? All that would do is make a long dull flight even more boring. (I mean, have you ever SEEN how utterly repetitive, clinical, and formulaic most of that stuff is?)Yawn!


Old Blind Dog

I hear it makes you go blind....

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The president of Ryanair has NO shame. As I understand it, they are considering getting rid of all the lavatories so they can cram in more seats. As such, if this inflight "entertainment" goes through, then they had better also put plastic covers on the seats or the cleaning bill is going to offset the revenue generated by the "entertainment".

Personally though, I don't think Ryanair will go through with it. They just brought it to the public's attention because it IS free advertising. Talk good or bad about them, at least people are TALKING about them. This time though, it may just backfire on them. Besides, considering Ryanair I believe is an Irish based company and with the catholic church scandals in Ireland that make Penn State look small by comparison, this may not be the smartest time to even consider this.

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Ryanair's boss, Michael O'Leary is a king at getting his airline free publicity. If you haven't noticed by now, O'Leary's crazy comments get him into the press almost monthly with silly stories like these; airline wants pay toilets, wants no bathrooms, wants passengers to fly standing up, selling inflight *********, all make great sound bites and the press quickly reprints them. There's no way 90% of the stuff O'Leary suggests would make it past the aviation regulations but he still says them. Why? Becaues he gets free advertising out of it.

As for the window shades. Yes, Ryanair did delete them. Boeing window shades run between $300 and $500 each and they rip and tear constantly. A number of airlines have inquired about removing them, Ryanair is the only one that actually did.

Inflight *********? What about all those XXX magazines that sell in the airport magazine/book shops?

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