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Greetings to all from South Eastern Australia. Wasn't sure where else to post this...I can't see a 'New Members' area...may need new glasses.

I'm a 44 year old father of two and I've been modelling for about 37 years now. Mostly aircraft but lately a few vehicles and even some sci-fi just for a change. My usual has been Second World War but I've been known to get stuck into a Cold-War jet of two and now, with the advent of 'Wingnut Wings' from New Zealand I'm dabbling with the WW1 aviation too. I like to build 1/48 or 1/32 aircraft because there's space to add this and that and for armour I'm strictly 1/35.

I've been looking around the site here for just a short while and I've seen some staggeringly beautiful work by the membership. I look forward to learning from everybody and maybe even getting to know a few too. Thanks for a great site, I hope I can make a worthy contribution. Best wishes to all.






Some of mine.


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Thanks for the welcome and compliments Soarin'.

Some say the armour weathering is a bit much, the thinking being that they didn't survive long enough to get so beaten up but that doesn't worry me.

I basically model simply to weather...painting and weathering is easily my favourite bit. I have a couple of other finished models at present but Photobucket seems to have 'lost' my pics.

Thanks again.


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:thumbsup2: Hello and :post1::scared0016:

Nice introduction and GOOD to have you here Geek44. :punk::punk:

Lovely models and SUPERB armor...WOW !!!

I think you will fit in here very nicely with all the different sub forums like the WW1/WW11 and armor..

These are a great bunch of guys with a lot of knowledge.... :thumbsup2::coolio:

SO welcome to the madhouse and MINE is a Diet Coke... :beer4:

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Righto...consider all drinks bought or at least put on my tab.

Thanks for the warm welcome lads. Be back later with a few more pics and some shots of my current project which I'm busting to finish before the year ends. I'm a very slow modeller...some say a 'dilletante'. Cheers.


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Welcome mate, Goos to see the Aussie ranks growing :D

The SE5A looks great, hope we get to see more pics of it in the future.

Make mine a Bundy and coke ;)



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:D, Welcome to the madhouse Geek44. I think I'd like to try a Bluetongue. Never had anything from a boutique brewery before. I was in Victoria this last weekend visiting damo. I took no kits with me but added 6 to the stash while I was down there.



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