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G'day. These are my aircraft models.

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Greetings all. Made an introductory post in the General Forum area. Thought I'd seal the deal by posting some pics of my finished aircraft models.

All of these have been built in the last five or six years...I'm painfully slow and usually only finish two or three kits a year. Especially when I build armour but enough of that... here they are. Sorry about the green background, best I could do at short notice.





Focke-Wulf 190D-9 in 1/48 by Dragon. It's an oldie and I started this around 1995 and finished it about ten years later (it languished in its box for a long time). It has a Verlinden cockpit that is probably not very accurate since it's a 190A cockpit interior. It has the older style canopy. All markings except the fuel stencils are masked and painted on and has fine wire brake lines. I should probably add an aerial at some point and the 'No Step' dotted lines were drawn on with a very sharp coloured pencil. Painted with Humbrol enamels.


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Here's one of my favourite aircraft...





This is the academy kit in 1/48. It's my first and LAST Academy kit. I used this model as a test for the rather over done weathering and chipping you see. It actually has a natural metal finish under the paint. The Humbrol enamel was partly removed with the sticky side of some masking tape...went a bit far but I was experimenting. I learned some time after building this that these aircraft actually had fabric covered wings (doh!!). Next time, I'll build the Eduard kit.

Straight from the box with after market (AeroMaster) decals after the Academy ones literally fell off the night after I applied them. Note silvering under the 'Zha Stalina' slogan decals.

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Mig 15bis in North Korean service...





This is the beautiful Tamiya kit in 1/48. The second time I've built this one and an attempt to refine the chipping technique seen on the I-16 above. This time I painted liquid mask where I wanted the chips to be before I applied my camouflage scheme. Still not happy with the technique, the liquid mask produces rounded, blobby chips that don't quite look right to my eye.

Painted with Humbrol enamels I won a group build at another site with this model. Depicts a so-called 'Honcho' which was an aircraft with North Korean markings but piloted by a Soviet. Straight from the box with my own scratch-built seat harnesses. I don't try to be too accurate with those but I think the eyes expect some kind of restraint to be seen in the cockpit.

I think I finally got my chipping technique right with a model (Hasegawa 1/48 P-39/400 Airacobra) that came to a sticky end a couple of years ago. Scraping the paint off with a scalpel blade gave the best chips so far, the model was totall squashed when a book fell on it on its shelf, I gave the remains to my then four year old son who smashed it to atoms in a second.


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Nice work, Sir. To be honest, I think the weathering is spot-on for the I-16 but just a bit too much for the Honcho (in this scale, anyhow). The effect is really good, just a wee bit overdone...? Everything else looks flawless! :thumbsup:

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