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My Armour Models

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Greetings all. New to ARC. Here are some pics of my armour models...






Panzer IV Ausf. E by Dragon in 1/35. A 'Three-In-One' kit built out of the box except for the Friulmodel tracks and a bracket for water cans made from a bit of Coke can. Oh and I may have made a copper aerial too I think. Really enjoyed this model. Painted with Tamiya acrylics, Humbrol enamels and artists oil. Pastel powders applied dry and wet.


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Next is the Sdkfz. 251 Ausf. C 'Stuka zu Fuss'.




Another Dragon 1/35 'Three-In-One' kit. Out of the box again but with Friulmodel tracks and a bunch of scratchbuilt and cannibalised stowage inside. Painted as with Pz. IV above.


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And here's the beast...







This is also by Dragon in 1/35. I believe it's the older kit. Zimmerit is my own Milliput method, this model includes a super-detail set by Voyager which is a great set that really enhances detail rather than pointlessly replaces stuff that doesn't really need to be replaced. Friulmodel tracks (as ever) and I ran into a small (but annoying to those of us with a touch of the OCD) problem. The Friulmodels for this kit include drive sprockets for both front and rear in white metal along with the links of track. These tracks have guide horns on every other link. I stuck with the plastic sprockets which I though were a little sharper detail wise...seems the kit wheels and the Friuls are of slightly different diameter. I ended up with two links together which have guide horns on one side. I hid these inside one of the wheels as much as I could but one link more and the whole track was too slack, one link less and it was too tight. One lives and learns I guess. Hope you like 'em. Any questions gladly answered.


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AWESOME ....Your work is BEAUTIFUL... :worship::worship:

The standards of Armor build has rocketed thru the roof .

I can't recall any other time when Armor buld was so BRILLIANT as WE have had these past few months...

The Armor guys are just amazing.. :coolio:

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Just curious with the chipping did you use the hair spray technique to get the effect and what brand/color did you use.

I been thinking of doing more chipping with my armor, but can never seem to get the colors or effect really good.

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