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1/24 Airfix P-51D conversion to Mustang Mk IV

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Well the Italian Stallion has been beaten into submission :deadhorse1:


Serial: KH-716 (CV-P)

Type: P-51K Mustang Mk.IV

Based: 3 Squadron, RAAF, Fano Italy (July 1945)

Scheme: NMF with blue tail, white Southern Cross, Olice Drab anti-glare panel, red half spinner

History: KH-716 served with 3 Sqn from 10/12/44 coded CV-P and was flown by Sqn Ldr Murray Nash. Nash was flying (CV-P) with P.Off Bill Andrews (CV-A) on Boxing Day 1944 when Warrant Off. Jack Quinn was shot down and bacame the last 3 Sqn casualty to an enemy aircraft in WWII. Quinn bailed out, was captured 3 weeks later and spent the rest of the war as a POW.

Kit: 1/24 Airfix OOB with Nova Scale decals. Painted with Humbrol Metalcote 27002 straight on plastic with minor paints also painted with Humbrol.

Reference: Decal instructions and Spitfire, Mustang & Kittyhawk in Australian Service (Stewart Wilson)









I hope you like her


Andrew :cop:

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Really nice job!! I have heard so many horror stories about this kit, and yet I bought one anyway. Have you seen anybody make the flaps droop and do any wheel well work on this kit? My plans are The Galloping Ghost, Reno Racer #177. I do love the size of this kit, and it has plenty of detail for what I want to do with it (except wells and flaps). Unfortunately, mine is missing the front intake cowling below the spinner, so I guess I will have to scratch build that. Anyway great build!

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I'm guessing it wouldn't be hard to do (dropping the flaps yourself. I haven't heard of anyone doing it. There's plenty of detail in the kit, I agree it was just a nightmare to get everything closed in at the one time. I'm glad you like it and appreciate your comments.


Andrew :cop:

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Nice work, brother. I built the same kit years ago and yours turned out a might better then mine. I guess that's what happens when you introduce patience into the model building equation. :thumbsup:


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