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T-33 in portuguese marks

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Hello friends

Another kit in portuguese marks, as usual with the same camera i get different colors (yes is always the same kit :-))! But i think they are ok to see the kit.

This was a hard building (my first short run kit, so the problem can be... me!), this kit is a great pain in the... lots of fitting problems, no pins/holes for fitting help, bad instructions (some parts are not there... so you put them if you know where they should be (antenas mostly)... others... they stay on the sprues!!! Some lines are not represented. the decals are not the best... some evergreen is needed, lots of putty and sanding required... lots of flash, parts without detail, parts that are going to the trash (the wheels are so bad... i used the Heller kit wheels) ok there are some resin parts, but i think i get bad luck, both the seats had some parts damaged that i had to scratsh... well a all month working on it!

As i said before the fact that this is my first short run kit can have something to do with the problems that i found. But there are some things that are easy to solve, after all this is not a cheap kit! I now that the Heller kit have raised panel lines, that is a old model and the same goes to Hasegawa but i was expecting better from this kit... much better.

With lots of work you can have a fine T-33 at the end...

Well here are some pictures that show some of the "problems" i found.

I hope you like it, all questions/comments are welcome.











Thank you for looking

Best regards from Portugal

Vitor Costa

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