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Hasegawa 1:72 F-15C Eagle with Dreammodel photoetched parts and Twobobs Bittburg Eagles decal sheet. I just hope Twobobs will release it soon. Which exact bird, I will yet have to see. Maybe a MiG killer from Desert Storm or some early '80s bird

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Going to do 104770 as a full colour tiger bird complete with Vicon pod from the very early 70's, Hasegawa 1/48 with Belcher Bits decals.

Then at least one Phantom in USAF colours.

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Plans so far:

F-16A 82-0977 from the 612th TFS, 401st TFW at Torrejon during 1986

F-16C 85-1412 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW at Rammstein during 1986

F-16C 89-2035 from the 555th FS, 31st FW at Aviano during 1999

F-16C 88-0413 from the 510th FS, 31st FW at Aviano durin 2000

F-4E 68-0386 from the 512th TFS, 86th TFW during 1983

EC-130H from the 43rd ECS, 66th ECW based at Sembach AB, Germany

F-84G 51-896 from the 77th FBS, 20th FBW based at RAF Wethersfield during 1953

A-10A 80-0194 from the 511th TFS, 10th TFW based at RAF Alconbury

I have 4 of these started so will start to post some pics soon :)


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As i stated in the GB proposal thread

Build #1 1/48 RoG F-15E This will be a early Lakenheath jet circa 1992 so will be pretty much OOB apart from Aftermarket decals and Quickboost seats.

Build #2 1/48 Hasegawa F-15C Sqn TBA aftermarket TBA

Raided the stash and pulled out 5xF-15E & 5xF-15A/C all in 1/48 so this will be a quite Eagle heavy GB for me time commitments willing.

Will post individual threads later this week of the progress so far.

Need to get the digi camera back from my daughter as the in progress stuff ive taken on my phone sucks



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I will play! would like to build a USAFE F-16CG from the 555th FS from Aviano during Odyssey Dawn/ Unified protector.

Kit is a 1/48 Tamiya F-16 with Afterburner decals. Cross delta scabplates and thats it.


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Well I've definately got a couple to build.... this is what I collected for F-16s:

F-16A Block 15: 50th TFW, Hahn (F-16A 1/72 Plus boxing)

F-16C Block 30: 480th Squadron, Spangdahlem (Fujimi 1/72 black Owls boxing)

F-16C Block 50c: 52nd FW, Spandahlem (Academy 1/72 CJ boxing)

F-16C Block 50: 23rd FS Spandahlem (Hasegawa 1/72 Fighter school Boxing +Quickboost ejection Seat)

F-16C Block 30 512th FS, Ramstein (Hasegawa 1/72 Block 50/52 boxing + Aeromaster decals + B61 nukes+CMK Exterior Set and Quickboost Ejection seat))

F-16C Block 30 526th FS, Ramstein (Hasegawa 1/72 Block 50/52 boxing + Aeromaster decals +Quickboost ejection Seat)

F-16C Block 40 555th FS, Aviano (Hasegawa 1/72 Triple Nickel boxing+Quickboost ejection Seat)

As I said before, I don't know if I'll do all of them... maybe 4 or 5 is realistic. I also have a Revell 1/72 M60A3 to build.

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I'm in with Hasegawa's 1/48 Block 30 F-16D kit, 480th TFS 52nd TFW, based in Spangdahlem, Germany (serial 85-572). Markings from the kit and a Superscale decal sheet. Seats will be aftermarket, any other details scratchbuilt.

If time permits, maybe another Hasegawa F-16C from the 555th in Aviano or a Lakenheath F-15E using the Revell kit. Wish me luck! :lol:

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I've made a substantial pile of possible build:


Hasegawa T-33 with Xtradecals, 81st TFW

Revell MH-53J Pave Low III, 21st SOS

Italeri HH-53C with Wolfpak decals, 67th ARRS

Hasegawa F-15C, unit tbd

Hasegawa F-111F, 48th TFW

Hasegawa RF-4C with Xtradecals, 10th TRW

Hasegawa F-4D with Xtradecals, 81st TFW

Hasegawa F-4E with Wolfpak decals, 86th TFW

Hasegawa F-4G with Xtradecals, 52nd TFW

Italeri RB-66 with Superscale decals, 66th TRW

Revell F-16C with Microscale decals, 50th TFW

Revell P-47D with Euro decals, 86th TFW


Hasegawa F-4E with Airdoc decals, 36th TFW

Hasegawa F-15C with Superscale decals, Aires exhausts, Wolfpack MSIP update set and black box pit, 52nd TFW

Revell F-102, unit tbd

I doubt that I will be able to build them all, but at least I have something to choose from :lol:

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I have these kits lined up,

  1. Tamiya's 1/48 A-10 with 81st TFW, 511th TFS, Bentwaters AFB. Straight out of the box.
  2. Monogram 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle with Eagle Strike decals of 492 Fighter SQ, Lakenheath
  3. Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4C 38th TRS, 26th TRW, Zweibrücken. Resin seats, wheels and stuff.
  4. Hasegawa 1/72 F-4E from Spangdahlem. Resin seats, wheels and stuff.

Would like to build them all but lets see what time will allow.

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I guess we need a pinned topic for finished builds pronto then :rolleyes:

Next week should be fine........ All I have done is shoot the base cockpit colour. Plus I got called in tomorrow which "was" a build day.

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Two definites:

1/35 Tamiya M1A1 Abrams from the US Army's 3rd Armored Division, West Germany (not sure exactly where they were lagered). This will be in the three tone NATO scheme, late 80's. Feels weird to be doing armor on ARC. :whistle:

1/72 Revell Germany F-16CM 480th FS, Spangdahlem, Germany 2011, as fitted for no-fly duty over Libya. This one is on hold for other builds to clear the bench and for needed AM parts to be ordered.

Looking forward to this one going full tilt!!! :woo:

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Leapfrog were the mass movement of Canadian Sabres from Canada to Germany. A couple sqaudrons at a time. Start at Ottawa, to Bagotteville to Newfoundland, to Greenland to iceland onto northern England then onto the final destination.

I do believe Leapfrog 4 was the final trip

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I'll be building a P-51D of the 361st FS, 375th FG of the Mighty 8th, circa late 1944. Tamiya's kit in 1/48th, markings from the box, not 100% sure which variant though as two of the box schemes are from this squadron. Probably the full-up Yellow Nose.

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Tamiya F-4D, AirDoc decals (haven't decided on Hahn or Spangdahlem), Seamless Suckers intakes, Verlinden resin cockpit with some modifications, resin exhausts. Possibly a B61 on the centerline from the Testors F-117, but also thinking maybe instead I might prefer a Pave Spike pod as I just found out one's coming out in resin.

Scott W.

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That "Scott Wilson's pictures" thread is just awesome. B)

I'd rather mention it here than clutter that great thread.

I'll try to build some Lakenheath aircraft in 1/48: an F-111F of the 493rd TFS and an F-15C of the 493rd FS.

I still need to finish the 1/72 B-17F and start on the 1/48 P-51K for those GB's.

Three weeks to go. :doh:

Cheers, Stefan.

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