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Proposed builds.

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Decided that we need another US Army bird here, so I will build an 1/48 OV-1D Mohawk. Roden kit, Cobra Company cockpit and Isradecals.

Man, that's the third 1/48 kit in a row, haven't done that in years.

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I am new here on the site, so I thought I would give this a try.

Revell 1/32 Rf-4C in Euro 1 camo scheme for the 1TRS/10TRW

Flight path F-4C exhaust

Flight path F-4F conversions set - Using the wheel wells, part of the under carriage, and misc PE

Eduard F-4C PE interior, exterior, placards

Resin: aux Air doors and details

True Details: Mk 7 seats, wheels/tires

Scratch built: Cockpit, camera bay with 4 open panels with different camera's, Radar assembly, corrections to airframe, separated control surfaces

Tamiya: Intakes with scratch built intake tracts, Arresting hook, Engine fans, Cockpit details

Xtradecal Markings

Icarus Stencils

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A big RF-4C, sounds cool! Welcome to ARC and the Group Build!


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