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NEW Group Build Mod Team set up

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I'm very pleased to welcome the new ARC Group Build Moderating Team. They will be overseeing the approval of the new GB's. The team includes phantom, Rkic, Pete and Neo...and they are all seasoned members here on ARC.

I've set up a bunch of new GB's as well as the new ARC Group Build Moderating Team to oversee the setting up of future new GB's. They will be overseeing this process and giving me the final info I need to go into the Admin area and create the new Forums for the new GB's.

This is also the place to discuss your proposed GB with the ARC Group Build Moderating Team and this is also the place to give them the needed data on your GB.

Needed data would include

  • GB Name
  • GB description
  • GB start and end date.
  • GB moderatoors forum display name.

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The power..... its going to my head...... I feel dizzy........And I know next to NOTHING about computers, just to make things interesting! :P

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I'll go ahead and submit this even though we don't have a name yet. Maybe you gents can help.

Name: [undecided]

Description: Modern armor/vehicles (tanks, artillery, trucks etc.) in use 1990+

Rules: Any modern armor/vehicle including tanks, artillery, trucks, etc. in use 1990+, aftermarket, scratch building and kitbashing allowed, any scale, any number of builds, kits can be started, but less than 20% and at mods discretion

Time Frame: April 1, 2012 to Dec. 1, 2012

Moderators: SoarinSukhoi and Gvoakes

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Greetings All

I am back from a little Hiatus(new baby who is now 2 1/2). I would like to propose a GB tell me what do you think.

•GB Name----- The Da Vinci Code or The Van Gogh Syndrome

•GB description---- This GB will be an all genere, All Nation, All era Group build that entails some extravagant, wild, or commererative paint schemes to be put on a subject. Example would be lets say a full Lozenge pattern Fokker, or that Swordfish looking Mig-21 or that ship in a crazy Dazzle pattern from WWII, another would be that tank with a tiger face in korea. Stuff of that nature.

•GB start and end date. Apr 1 2012 to Aug 30, 2012

•GB moderatoors forum display name. Thundergrunt

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  • Pacific Theatre Group Build
  • Any aircraft, vehicles, ships, artillery, etc. that were used during the Pacific, China, Burma, India, etc. Theatre from 1937 to 1945
  • Time Frame: June 4th, 2012 (start of Midway) till January 12th, 2013 (first convoy started on Ledo Road linking India and China through Burma)
  • Moderators: SoarinSukhoi and Aaronw

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I think we are just waiting for Steves final say. I think the lower level mods are all for it

our Mod team was set up by SBARC to get the some of the work load off. Update should get more frequent now.

I don't mean to be rude, but it feels like nothing has really changed and you guys just serve as a middleman. First a GB has to get your approval, and then it still has to get Steve's approval? Why not have you guys completely in charge of the group builds so Steve can attend to his other duties?

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