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Here's another great picture from Scott, an OV-10A from the 601st Tactical Control Wing based in Sembach, Germany.

That particular plane was later sold to the Venezuelan Air Force (FAV)

I shot that one at Zaragoza Air Base, Spain. That one has actually a funny story behind it. Zaragoza was the only base I ever visited that gave a blanket permission letter for photography on the flightline. As soon as I could upon arrival at ZZA, I went over to the base public affairs office, signed a letter saying I would not photograph any open panels, cockpits, classified weapons or systems, or the refueling boom on any KC-10s (really!). They then issued a letter saying I had permission to have a camera. It was awesome, I could go photograph anytime I wanted during our 30 day stay, didn't have to check in with anyone or anything. So one afternoon I was working my way down the flightline, photographing F-4Es F-4Gs, F-16s, some transient F-111s, and then got to the Slow-Vee-Tens. A Master Sergeant from the 601st drove over to talk to me, and informed me he didn't care what my letter said, I would not be photographing his airplanes. I tried to discuss it, and managed to insult him by pointing out I'd just photographed a boatload of much more sophisticated and important airplanes than his Broncos. He got really ticked off. Okay, I wasn't going to win this. So I went back to the 526 TFS section of the ramp and waited until he and his day shift crew were done and had left for the day, THEN went and photographed the Slow-Vees. That's their second shift guys in the photo. They didn't have a problem with me photographing their airplanes!

May I ask where you got the photo?

Scott W.

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I don't remember exactly where I got the pic, but it is a USAF photo, so you might be able to find it on Defenseimagery.com or maybe on Flickr. It might also be on Wikipedia commons.


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