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Dragon X-15 Cockpit

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With the canopy on it will be a little dark spot. On a 1/72 X-15 I built, it's almost impossible to discern there's even a seat in there...even with a flashlight on a nicely-Futured canopy. But, I KNOW there's a nicely detailed cockpit in there somewhere! :thumbsup:

Rick in Maine

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Just glue an appropriate length of sprue to the rear of the cockpit and use it as a handle; piece o' cake. No need to even try to remove it afterward since it will be completely hidden once the fuselage is assembled.


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Just picked up the Dragon (2x) Bell X-1 kit. They use the same approach with that--forward and after parts of the fuselage. In the X-1 kit, the fuselage is clear and they provide the, uh, guts, of the thing. Not yet sure if I'll do a "visible X-1", but am doing the first fully painted, so I will have some exquisite and finely molded bits for the spares bin.

As noted, there's just no way the cockpit will be visible--in any event, I routinely do 1:144 with black or silver glass.

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