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Scratchbuilt 1/35th Husky MK III

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I just read that both Dragon and AFV Club have announced that they are releasing plastic models of the Husky! They will be in the shops 5 minutes after you finish yours :)

This is a most excellent build of a fascinating subject. Looking forward to seeing more updates.

Are you going to include that CROWS remote MG system that was shown in one of the pics of the real thing? I'm curious how the single operator would be able to drive, monitor the GPR and metal detector displays, operate the CROWS and communicate with the rest of the world all by himself? Seems like he would be a pretty busy guy.

Yeah that's what I hear :woot.gif:

As for the CROWS MG, yeah that would work with the two man Husky. I'm doing the single operator version of the Husky. There might be one with the system and only used while the vehicle is stationery while the EOD guys disarm a found EID.

Happy Modeling,


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After a small break I got back to adding some plastic to the Husky project. One of the small problems was what to do about the axels. For one I was not into scratching one so I went digging around the parts boxes. I started of with 1/24 and 25th trucks and cars axels but found nothing. So into the 1/35th parts and found something somewhat I could work with.2 ½ ton axels from AFV club M35 kit. I just added in the rest, so so.

Next were the leaf springs and shocks with a few pieces of brass rod. As I said earlier I can’t recall what/where the nuts and bolts are from, bought them way back in bulk.

Next were the hubs, I’m not so worried with them so much as they will be covered up with a round plate filling in the whole wheel rim. And lastly the gear boxes, hoses and wiring followed by the bumpers. I needed four NATO lights so I borrowed four from a kit and casted them in resin.

I’m working on finishing the hoses, wiring and the drive shafts.










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Here a little more work from yesterday, the fenders, bracing, mud flaps and wiring/hoses for the bumpers finished.








I’m working on the main X-ray machines right now and once finished it’s onto the nickel and dime stuff…mirrors, spot lights and such.

Happy Modeling,


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I'm speechless and bow in your presence my good friend. I only wish I had a 3rd of your scatchbuilding skills. It is a honor and a privilage to see your work. Everytime I see your work I go and get my notepad and take away as much as I can from what you do. Bravo :worship:


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I made some progress and getting closer to painting…which I’m hoping to do on Monday.

Fire extinguishers


Side X-Ray panels


Dry fitted…


Hydraulic arm that lifts panels up and down.


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May I ask what you're doing for a living? Your drawings and the research work you have done are awesome!

Well nothing as of these days. I used to be a Union Ironworker, the guys you see putting up steel columns and beams. 10 years ago I had a bad accident (fall) which forced me into retirement. After five surgeries and two years of being depressed I got serious into modeling. Most of what I know is self taught something everyone could do.

I had many modelers ask “how do you do that†“I wish I could do thatâ€Â…well you can. Just start cutting plastic and gluing. Over time you will achieve with no problems. For me the most valuable tool is the 6inch/150mm steel ruler.

Happy Modeling,


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I’m calling this finished, well the building portion at least. Next is the painting and weathering. I just have a few interior detail to work out, I’ll post photos of the cockpit later. I had some request that I show some close-up photos…









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