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Grex Tritium Series airbrushes

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Hi all - been rather intrigued with these Grex Tritium Series Airbrushes. The eye catching, and logical looking trigger setup looks interesting. On the other hand, I saw the price (around $200) this weekend.

I'd like to get some feedback from anyone who has/knows/used/tried one of these please. I currently use an Aztek, which I am very happy with and don't necessarily wish to get away from... unless its worth it.

Comments please..Xmas is coming...



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I've tried them on a few occasions, they work great,quality is good, I wouldn't be afraid to use one and they are becoming more common so parts are not hard too find (a determining factor for me)

But I highly suggest trying one before you buy it, as it is different from what your used to,the owner is local to me and has demoed at our annual contest many times and has also demoed at the local So.Cal. contest circuits over the past few years, I've become quite familiar with the Grex Rep, I keep wearing out the demo brushes...They also have a nice compressor they sell/use to run the demo's with.


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I love my Grex!


Raymond from Grex will be on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour on WarbirdRadio.com on Dec 29th. Who knows, maybe you might even be able to win a new Grex airbrush by listening to the program. :whistle:

He'll answer questions about airbrushing as well as about Grex products.

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How does the two stage trigger work? I read that the first half of the pull is the air and the second is the paint. I'm trying to wrap my brain around how it works compared to a conventional double action brush. I'm loving the pistol grip tho.

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I've owned my Grex now for several years and love it! It is my main airbrush. I do have an Infinity that I use for detail work though. I really like the trigger setup. With a traditional airbrush configuration, I get cramps in my hand after airbrushing for a while. Also, I find that I have more control with the trigger. For me, it was worth every penny and the price has come down quite a bit since I bought mine. The trigger pull is smooth.

Let's see if I can answer a few questions:

It is easy to clean and is similiar to cleaning most other airbrushes. One feature that I really like is that the opening at the bottom of the cup is big enough to use a normal cotton swab to clean. Takes about as long to clean as other airbrushes. I use enamels, acrylics and lacquer paints and have had not problems with any of them.

The two stage trigger allows air through when you start to pull it. You can feel when it transitions to letting the paint through. I find that I can control the paint flow very well with this airbrush and often to not set the trigger stop.

I can not recommend this airbrush enough. I use it all the time and have been very happy with it.



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I like it. Just not sure if I could get used to the trigger....or the price tag.

Actually the trigger is easy to adjust to. Having one range of motion versus two makes it easier.

If the price bothers you, then you definitely will want to listen to my show on Dec 29th! We're going to give away a Tritium TG3! The only way you'll know how you can win it is to listen to the program.

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BUMP - Well I bought a Grex Tritium TG when I was at the San Antonio show.

I am thrilled with the results. Easy to use, cleaning is a breeze, and any issues or poor results are totally caused by the user.

The TG is supposed to be the best one of the product line. A word to buyers - the standard version comes with only one needle (a .3mm nozzle). They sell others that are larger and smaller in size, which will be better when necessary.

I have tried it with enamel and acrylic paints, also with flat and gloss cotes. Perfect results with all.

Anyway, just wanted to put closure on this, and my Aztek has been retired since.

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I have owned my Grex for about 3 years and I'll tell you that its awesome. I can't stop raving about it. Its easy to clean and so easy to handle with the trigger instead of the typical airbrush. Its has improved my work and confidence, exponentinally. I also purchased mine with the Grex compressor and inline regulator. Its worth every penny. I suggest that if you have an opportunity at a show and the Grex vendors are there, try the demo.

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