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New Tamiya Yamato bummer

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Just got the new 1/350 Tamiya Yamato, and while it's a fantastic kit, I can't believe they left a major item out of the box. The hull has no degaussing cables, and Tamiya expects you buy their separate PE degaussing cable set (anyone actually gotten that set of straight lines to bend right?). This seems a bit too much for a kit that will set you back at least $250 to get to your house. Plus, I think both Yamato and Musashi were fitted with the cables at the time of their commissioning, so there seems no reason to omit them as there is no pre-war version without the cables that can use the same hull. Given the extensive detail and PE included with the kit, plus the price, this seems a shocking omission to me. Have to spend an extra $15 for a hard to use PE degaussing cable set to complete the kit? Come on, Tamiya! :angry:

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I agree it's an annoying oversight. I think they think a customer added-on run of degaussing would stand out more than a molded-in cable.

Back when I thought I would become the next master of 1/700 IJN cruisers, I soon learned of TONS of PE to improve every cruiser available. The degaussing cable, while tedious, actually went on fairly easily after I got into a rhythm.

Now I have never finished any of the boats I started, but when the cruiser bug hits me again I have all the railings, davits, liferings, portholes, radars, and machine guns to build the whole cruiser fleet. :unsure:

Good luck.


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Molded in or PE, I think it still should have been included in the box. The kit has a lot of PE including radars, the catapults and crane, and almost every ladder on the ship. They could have just thrown in their generic set if they didn't want to make a brand new set specifically for this kit.

How did you bend the straight sections of the degaussing cables? It doesn't seem that PE can bend in the direction needed to make the various turns needed to follow the hull.

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In 1/700, the contours of the hull are not drastic, and the degaussing can be "pushed" into any slight deviation from straight.

Also, the aftermarket degaussing I've used had lengths all ready for a larger deviation, some 30 and 45 degree angle sections.

And not being an expert shipbuilder, porthole alignment is tedious for me.

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Actually if you look closely at the hull, they moulded-in a very undernourished de-gaussing cable with NO brackets, and this actually gets in the way of using the photo-etch.

I hate photo-etch degaussing cables: It think moulded-in looks far better and more three dimensional, so I fully share in your sentiment.

The hull joints on this kits are crazy and designed so that you wil never fully be able to remove them. That is the worst thing about this kit.

Nice kit but not as good as their Mogamis, which also miss the degaussing cable!


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