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Raffle Start Countdown Clock

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Anyone have any idea what time the raffle will start Australian time?

Also, i've never used a chat room before (but i have managed to log in using my ARC username using the link above). What do i have to do in the chatroom? How will i know if my name is drawn in the raffle?

Sorry for the dumb questions, but i'm a numpty at this computer stuff!

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People will talk to you. You can log in with what ever name you want, just use your ARC name so we know who you are. Just type in the box below the upper box where messages are displayed and hit send.We were testing it out today and it gets pretty crazy, jokes, witty banter, etc... If you live in Sydney it will be at 8am Sunday morning. Runs for about 4 hours, or so said breadboard...

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Thommo, AVGBob is right, kicks of at 8am EST. HOWEVER, if you guys are on daylight saving the time will need to be adjusted accordingly.

I'm a relative noob, but normally we watch the chatroom. Breadboard pulls names out of his magical hat and posts them on the chatroom. If your name is pulled you've got to post what you want on the FORUM.

It's all good fun, but things move at a frantic pace when names are called!

See you there in the morning!


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Oh now ive got this stuck in my head

"It the raffle countdown, the raffle countdown"♪♫♫♪ (referring to final countdown song)

LMAO now you have me singing it. Have fun all wish, I could attend but I have aircraft that need fuel here at MCAS Yuma. A C-17 needs 100,000 pound of fuel and a KC-10 needs about 150,000 pounds of fuel VMA-203 is leaving in the morning and we can't keep them waiting. Hope everyone has fun. Bread I won't be online till way later so if there is anyone who pics the items I listed have them PM me and I'll get with them later about shipping. Thanks guys and have a great day.

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