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Soft-Skin II - Leathernecks

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There were two USMC Humvees at the 2011 Wings over Pittsburgh airshow. I'll leave it to the experts to tell us which exact variety they are.

Front view. Sorry for the wierd framing, there were a LOT of kids hanging off this and I didn't want them in the shot.


Personal gear on the hood. A good view of the new USMC camo pattern on the helmet cover.



M2 machine gun. Imagine that this design dates back to the 1920s. The gray thing is the nose of a WV ANG C-5A behind the vehicle. That thing could carry a lot of Humvees.


Note that the interior is green, rather than sand. This may be NATO green.


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Event in the days of the MRAP, Humvees may still be running urban combat ops where someone has to get on top and man the gun. This shield will help protect the gunner against light rounds.


The blackest tire I've ever seen on one of these. Also see how the thickness of the armor plate is easily apparent when compared to the fender.


The back end. The flash must have come on to illuminate the reflector. Note the darker (black?) antenna mount and weather stripping, and the cargo straps that are a different shade of sand.


The back end of the other. Similar details, different serial.


One of the distinguishing features of the Marine Humvee is the extended exhaust to allow fording in deeper water. This, of course, allows amphibious landings.


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OK, the last four pics.

The inside of the doors are sand and gray, not green. The gray sheet may be a spall liner.


The driver's seat.


More personal gear. I found it interesting that the armor is not the patterned camouflage, but a khaki color.


The air intake is elevated as well as the exhaust.


Link to my Webshots album for the originals.

OK, thanks for looking! Hope they help your next modeling project.

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These are M1114 Uparmored HMMWVs. You can tell from the A/C vents on the left side of the sloping rear section.


M1151 Uparmored HMMWVs have the A/C vents on both rear sides above the rear tires.

Lt side:


Rt side:


These are the easiest to see outward differences. There are other, inner differences as well.

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