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Moving onto my second F-16 (this time a 'C from Rammstein), I again chose to use an Eduard color etch sheet rather than resin, and was again quite pleased with the result:-



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Minor update...

I used a resin exhast painted with a mixture of Testors MM Titanium Metallizer, with a little SnJ metal powder to help polish the Metallizer a little. Once this dried I sprayed Zero Paints Brilliant White inside the intakes and then used some black pastels to bring out the detail. Quite pleased with this!





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Good job! A bit too clean for my taste, but very nice. One minor thing, though. Those two lights on each side of the tail, shouldn't be colored, but are just white lights.

For the rest, good job! It really went from superglossy to superflat, what did you use for the flatcoat?

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I wasn't sure about the lights to be honest - I know that nowadays they're red in colour but couldn't find any decent pics of earlier a/c...

The flat is Windsor & Newton Galeria Medium Matt Varnish - water based and lays down quite nicely although it is a little rough.

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