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Dirk's 1/25 7 Eleven Mustang GTO

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For my next build I'm going to build the 7/ Eleven Mustang GTO


The Brilliant red, white and blue 7/Eleven mustang is one of the hottest machines that ever ran in road racing. Piloted by Bruce Jenner. this sleek pony was a challenger for the checkered flag every time it appeared in competition. Teamed with Scott Pruett, Jenner scored his first victory by winning the 1986 GTO class at the Coca-cola 12 hours of Sebring. He won the Norelco drivers cup for outstanding performance at the Los Angeles Times Grand Prix in California and teamed with Pruett at Elkhart Lake Road America to win the GTO class. Man this is one "winning machine!"

The powerful 7/Eleven Ford Mustang built and campaigned by Rousch Racing is constructed on a tubular chassis that was designed for strength and light weight. The IMS regulations required the use of the production windshield and the steel roof panel but the balance of the bodywork is a special structure of fiberglass with honeycomb reinforcement. All of these panels can be removed easily to provide accessibility for maintenance or to replace panels damaged in the heat of competition. The fenders were specially contoured to handle the wide Goodyear racing tires.

the 7/Eleven Mustang weighed 2,600 pounds as specified by the class regulations and it was powered by a competition prepared Ford SVO V8 motor equipped with aluminum heads and coupled to a 5 speed transmission. This potent power-plant was prepared by Roush Racing and produced an excess of 600HP. On high-speed tracks like the high-banked Daytona international Speedway the 7/eleven Mustang could exceed 200 miles per hour.



The Kit

I got this rather cheap off EvilBay. It was already started but I didn't think it was anything I couldn't undo if I needed to.





Assembly should commence soon.

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I vaguely remember having and starting this kit about 10 years ago but I'll be damned if I can remember what happened to it. I'm sure it was never finished. Those were the dark days of my marriage. I guess the memories of those days are faiding away like Mary McFly's photo in Back to the Future. :woot.gif: :woot.gif:

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What a better way to start the 7/ Eleven Mustang build then with a hot cup of 7/ Eleven coffee? Mmmm now I'm ready to maul some plastic.


The 600+HP Rouche motor. The directions called out for the motor to be painted silver. To be honest I couldn't find anything that proved or disproved thatand since I like the Ford Blue better I went with that instead. I just like it better :102:


Distributor set





The painting and assembly of the frame work also started. here you can see the battery box in place and the oil tank drying


Radiator and cover



Instrument panel


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Here's the finished instrument panel


Front suspension installed


Painting and building the cage






I seriously thought about pluming the fire estinguisher (Red Bottle) but photos of these cars have been hard for me to find let alone photos on the interior. I'd have no idea where to run the tubing to.


The top of the body also got a shot of white


Thanks for taking the time to look at my work

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Thanks Trash

Not much to show today. Last night I gave the body a second cote of white paint ( I HATE WHITE PAINT). I spent the rest of the evening painting and assembling all kinds of bits and bobs and hoses. Lots of tedious stuff. Hopefully by the time I'm done with all that the body will be ready to be handled. I hate working with white paint!

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Thanks Andy and Holmes

Built the wheels and mocked them up on the chassis. I'll need to sand them down a bit to get rid of the seam line and make them look like they've been driven on.


I think all of the rear plumbing is completed except for the fuel tank filler. When I dry fitted the body and the rear hatch it didn't match up correctly so I removed it for now. I hope I don't lose the darn thing.


I drilled out the exhaust pipes


I then made the harness for the drivers seat using some tamiya tape. I don't have a clue what they looked like for this particular car and none of the kits I found on line made any seat belts so I'm free balling it. So all you rivet counters go easy.


Thanks for looking.

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