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Monogram A-6E TRAM 1/48

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Hello Rich,

I'll either be using MRP (Mr. Paint) which is lacquer based or acrylic Aqueous Hobby Color by Mr Hobby. They both spray nicely and have a slight sheen when dry which kind of throws me off a bit considering both are supposed to yield a flat finish. The decision may have actually already been made as I used MRP for the gear doors. However, I think the shades are so close that I can still go with the Mr Hobby line for the rest of the model if I so choose.




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Hi Elmo


Not enough words in all the world's languages can adequately describe your level of detail, accurate workmanship and altruism in sharing your skills with all of us here.


What strikes me most is how you manage to cut those differently shaped members of each detail part that you build so cleanly and accurately.


God Bless you for that and Thanks. 





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Hello ascomt,


Thanks for the extremely kind words; I'm glad that you enjoy my work! And thanks of course to all the others that continue to stay interested in this build. As important as I feel it is to acknowledge folks for their comments, I typically wait until my next update to say thanks as I'm not a fan of having my thread make It back to the top without having new pics to share. However, I really appreciated your feedback and that of others so just wanted to say thanks!



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Gotta be close to an update eh Elmo?


If any build needs one it's to see where you are at these days!



Cheers my good Man, and hope the new year has you and yours doing well!




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Hello Larry,


Thanks for checking in and Happy new Year to you and yours.


You're not far off regarding an update; the build continues at a very slow rate as I've been splitting my free time between the A-6 and an old z-car I purchased last year.


The past few months I've been focusing on the landing gear. I decided to re-do what I initially completed over 10 years ago as I was no longer satisfied with it. As expected, It's coming about slow due to all the tiny bits and pieces that I'm scratch building......not to mention all the work is really excercising my patience and of course prolonging the kit's completion.


Below are a few pics of what I've done so far. The mains are mostly done minus paint and the addition of hoses. The NLG is currently in-work. I'm also including a pic of the resin wheels I'll be using made by ResKit. These were gifted to me by RichB63 and are by far the most dimensionally accurate set I've come across....Thanks Rich!


If the pics do not load I'll retry again soon. I'm using Imgur now and for some reason the links are not converting to pics after I paste them herein. Tech issues are a part of my life....LOL.


Thanks again,














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Thanks for the comments!


Steve, no tricks or wizardry here......basic tools are used to hold parts such as tweezers. One thing I typically do to make it easier when making the tiny parts is start with a larger piece of styrene, shape it and finally cut it to the correct size.



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