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Painting ACU's in 1/72

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Aight so I've used ACU's in multiple dioramas including my fast roping diorama, my stryker diorama and currently in my MH-47/SOC-R diorama...

I start by cleaning up the seam lines on the figures. I'll do this if I'm using caeser figures, which is generally what I'll use if I'm not sculpting my own...

I'll sometimes replace weapons with PE weapons from OKB Grigorov and add Tamiya tape for slings. Then I'll attach the figure to a bottle cap, clip, something to ease painting. Next coat it with primer. (In this example, I didn't switch out weapons or anything...)


For the base coat, I use Green Grey. I use a thicker brush to cover more surface area. I have a stamped out ash tray that I use for a paint dish that I'll mix a drop of vallejo paint to a drop of water to thin it out. Here's a picture of my set up.


For the medium color, I use Stone Grey. The brush gets thinner as to make it easier to make the random vertical/horizontal lines and blotches.


For the lightest color, I use Deck Tan. I use the thinnest brush I have (I have no idea what the thickness is though...) I paint similar to how I did the Stone Grey.



Okay... That's it for part 1. Part 2 in a lil bit...

Take care,


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Aight time for part two.

Now we finished the 3 basic colors of the ACU. I use a wash/drybrush to blend the colors together. For the wash (refer the the last pic in the first post) I use Neutral Grey. It is important to have this extra thin (i.e. more of the consistency of water than of paint.) Apply that to the creases in the uniform, and I usually give an extra wash or two to the shadows of the figure.

To do the velco on the shoulder pockets, I mixed Field Blue with either Stone Grey for a lighter color or Green Grey for a darker color. The color can also be used for knee/elbow pads, etc...


Next up is the boots. I will either paint them in Buff or Khaki or some blend of the two. If I paint them buff I will give them a Khaki wash and drybrush them to match the environment they will be placed...

For the equipment, it can either be OD, foliage green, ACU pattern (which is actually called UCP, but everyone refers to it as ACU anyways), khaki, etc etc etc... In this example, I painted the equipment with Reflective Green (also a good color for nomex flight gloves), gave it a wash of OD and drybrushed with Brown Violet.


Here's a final close up before doing skin tones and such...


Here's a final after skin tones...


See y'all next time for Multicam in 1/72...


Take care,


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