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New B-17 book.

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So I got this email today...


My book about B-17 Flying Fortress crews was published a few months ago. This message is meant to encourage you to get a first edition, signed copy directly from the author -- that's me.

The book is a great gift for an aviation person or a military history buff.

I expect to run out of first-edition copies soon, so if you want one, I need to hear from you now.

"MISSION TO BERLIN" is a general-interest, Stephen Ambrose-style World War II history that focuses on B-17 Flying Fortress crews throughout the aerial campaign and especially those who attacked Berlin on February 3, 1945, in the largest mission ever flown against a single target. The book also includes a new look at the entire bombing campaign in Europe.

The young men who flew and maintained the B-17 are at the center of the story but "MISSION TO BERLIN" also has lengthy passages about Americans who flew and maintained the B-24 Liberator, P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang. This book also contains a considerable amount of B-24 Liberator material. "MISSION TO BERLIN" is the same size as my "HELL HAWKS" book of three years ago. I have copies of both books available here with the authors' signatures. The two books look great together.

"MISSION TO BERLIN" is dedicated to pilot Marvin D. Lord, co-pilot Robert Des Lauriers, togglier Ray Fredette and tail gunner Frank Chrastka. You'll encounter air aces like Brooks Liles and Grant Turley and bomber pilots like John Pesch and Harris Rogner. Medal of Honor recipient Maynard Smith is in this narrative. The book will interest historians, the warbird community and veterans' and reunion groups. A member of the 381st Bombardment Group said, "I learned something new from this." He felt the book described what life was like for these men. A bomber crewmember who served in a different theater called this "a universal bomber crew story" although a major part of the book is about fighters.

HOW TO GET IT: For a first-edition signed copy directly from me, the author, send me a check for $35.00 to cover book, signature, packaging and shipping. And remember that I'll need your ADDRESS. If you'd like to get a signed copy from me, send a message confirming (1) whom to sign the book for, and (2) the address to which to send it. You do not need to wait for your check to reach me in the mail. For purchasers in Europe and Australia, the price is $45.00. If you pick up the book from me in person in northern Virginia, the price is $28.00.

NOTE: I have a huge discount for anyone who wants to order six books at once.

First edition copies will be gone in a few weeks. If you have questions, please PICK UP THE PHONE.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm no longer making appearances at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (UHC). I have never signed this book at UHC

Thanks for your support.

Best wishes.

Bob Dorr

Robert F. Dorr

Author of "HELL HAWKS!"

3411 Valewood Drive

Oakton VA 22124


(703) 264-8950


I'm probably going to get a signed copy cause why not. Anyway I saw the significant discount for purchasing 6 books so I figured if there were 5 of you who wanted to get the book also then we could do that. Everyone could hopefully Paypal me and the books would be shipped here and then I'd ship them to your location. I hope I'm in good standing enough to be trusted to do this but if not we could work out an alternative if you were serious about buying. I emailed Bob about the 6 book offer and this is what he had to say.


The discount offer is for sending six books to the same address (not a post office box) in the United States. The offer is a 45 percent discount (that is, you pay 55 percent of the cover price) plus shipping, which is typically $15 to $20 depending on your location. If you wish the books to be individually inscribed (in addition to the author's signature), I need the information at the time you agree to make the purchase. Many collectors prefer to have a signature only because that supposedly makes the book more valuable. I also need the address to which the books can be sent.

Once you agree, I can ship the books and send you a bill.

It's always helpful if you include contact information in correspondence. I encourage folks to ring me on the phone if that would help.

Thank you for your support for my book.

Best wishes,


Anyway I'd like to do this soon so if you're interested PM me right away. If you just want to buy your own book then the info is there. But we could all save money if you want to jump on this deal.



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