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ross blackford

Colourful Aerobatic Planes Group Build Rules

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:D, Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Colourful Aerobatics Planes Group Build. Here are the genreal rules for this GB. There are only 5 of them so it won't be too onerous on rules and regs. My apologies for be a tad tardy in doing this, although the rules have be discussed and set some months ago. I'll try to pin this, but if I'm unsuccessful (I'm not that computer savvy as some here are) I'll call on neu to help me out, hope you don't mind neu.

1. Models may be together but not painted, ie; fuselage with wings and tail feathers attached, but no paint at the start of the build.

2. Please give references for your build, eg I'm going to be building an Aero L-39 in the colours of the Biele Albatrosy aerobatic team of the Slovak Air Force so I'll refer to the decal instructions and also there are many good pics of Biele Albatrosy L-39s at various sites on the interweb.

3. Civilian and military aircraft are eligible for this build, as long as they have colourful markings, ie no standard military marked aircraft that may have been used as aerobatic mounts for an airshow and no standard civilian types in just factory finish with just civvie regos, eg no standard Cessna 152 Aerobats in standard aero club colours. Pitts and other civvie aerobatic types are eligible as long as they conform to this rule.

4. Military unit markings may be displayed in addition to the bright special colours.

5. This rule is the most important one. Just get building and most of all, have fun and enjoy yourselves, oh, and no rivet counting puullease.



ps. neu, I found out how to pin a topic so it's now pinned.

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Oh lordy!

If people were gonna rivet count my F7, it would be a case of "take it down... take it down.. my EYES they BURN" - the Trumpeter 1/144 model is not the best. :D

I will attempt to do two - one OOB, the other. umm. not quite OOB. :)

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Thanks soooo much Ross for starting this GB! And thanks for telling me that it really IS ON!! YEAH!

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