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My next 1/72 build is the Italeri RB-66 kit. These big, versatile planes were based in Europe from the 50's untill the 70's, in various versions. Mine will be a RB-66B of either the 10th TRW:


Or the 66th TRW, haven't decided yet:


I will be using the Italeri kit, with some Superscale decals. Much of the plastic is the same as in the EB-66 kit, and it's a bit inaccurate at places. I will correct some of it, and ignore the less obvious stuff. As long as it looks good, I'm happy.

So far, I have finished the cockpit, and glued the fuselage together.


I used some styrene strips for the fuselage seams, for added strength. The seam has been filled with superglue, and sanded smooth, with panellines rescribed.


I also started work on the wings. Some stuff has to be corrected on these, more about that later.

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So, the wings needed some work. I found a thread on BritModeler, that linked to another forum, showing what needs to be corrected on the RB/EB-66 kits. On the wings, this means adding an extra scribed line (green), filling some lines of a fictious flap (red), filling a flap hinge (small red line), and adding flap hinges. On the EB-66 kit, these are molded on the wing, but on the RB-66 kit they are merely scribed lines. You can spot these hinges on the second photo I posted of the real thing. The triangular thingies under the wing. I will have to make these from some styrene strip, and glue them where the black arrows point at.


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Thanks guys :)

I started with the decals. I'm using a mix of kit decals, and an old Superscale sheet. The paint and decal instructions leave a lot to be desired, but with a bunch of pics in a book and on the web, it will turn out ok, I hope.


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