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Pink Delta Boeing 767-400 conversion

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Hi all ive wanted to build this for a while. Delta painted one of their 767-400's pink for ( Breast Cancer Research ) the A/C was N845MH / 1821


Decals by Greg at Draw decals, if you would like a set email him because they are not in his shop


now the cutting


i need to add 24mm to the front and 21.5mm to the rear, i am using 1 inch plastic plumbing tube as the plugs ( thanks to richw for sorting the pipe )

plugs in place


now its filler time! RIGHT when i build my conversions I end up spending up to £14 on filler but thanks to Tom Probert I now spend £6 and that lasts forever lol, isopon P38 car filler works a treat


Right fuselage has had a coat of filler and been sanded and wet sanded and now waits for the wings


the fuselage behind is a minicraft 777 cut/plugged and filled for a 300er with contrails nose. this is for John Hull

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wings glued in place and a great fit as well


i have cut the tips of the wings ready for the blended wing tips made by richw

will add more later

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I like that scheme and usually not so fond of Pink but this scheme seems to fit in quite well with this build.. :thumbsup:

Look forward to this..


Boeings are real nice...

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Hi Cuprar, is there any updates on this? Love the conversion and a cheap way of doing it to! And a plus side to it is that it's my fav colour lol! I also see an A340 in the back ground. Is there any photos of that on here I have the braz conversion and I love the livery on it as I love F1

Thanks Toni

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