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1/48 Hasegawa F-22 Rollout

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COngratulations on taking that big step of changing direction on a build, Janissary, and for not leaving this on the shelf. I look forward to seeing it progress (particularly as I have a Raptor in my stash that needs building!).

All the best


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Thank you guys. I almost gave up on the build, but managed to get re-energized (hopefully will last long enough).

I am now working on the dark gray. I first tried free-handing the camo, but did not like it. So made scaled up copies of the painting instructions and cut some masks.





The dark grey is H305. After the base color, I applied a thinned mixture of the same gray with citadel metallic while the masks are still on. Now looking, the contrast between the two grays is a little too much for my taste (light gray too light, did not use the correct FS colors). What do you think? If it keeps bothering me, I may reattach the masks to go over the dark gray with the lighter H306 (FS 36270). Combined with the base H305 gray, this may give better end results I am thinking?

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Thank you guys. I decided that I was not happy with the colors. The light gray was too light. I decided to start again.

I cleaned the entire surface with steel wool. I kind of like this step because it creates a silky smooth surface. The underlying jade green has come out in the process.


After a few thin layers of primer, I preshaded using some light and dark colors. My earlier attempt above was too clean, which I didn't like.


The main color is H306 mixed with Citadel metallic. I tried not to cover up the preshade completely.



I had to prepare the masks for the dark gray once again. I preshaded the corresponding areas with light and dark colors again.


Below, you can see the dark tone I used for this. I think it's a mix of H306, XF-18 and clear blue.


I used blue tack set far from the edges to place the mask on the surface.


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From my reference pictures, I noticed a tonal variation in many panels of operational F-22's. So I decided to try some random grays on several panels. masked out using parafilm.


A few snapshots from painting in progress.







I did not like the dark grays on the outer surfaces of the vertical stabs (too wavy). I may remask and paint again. Next, I will have to mask and paint the outer edges of the flight surfaces using a non-metallic gray color. I started this on the horizontal stabs, but there is quite a bit of work to be done on the vertical stabs and the main wing flaps. After that, hopefully I will apply a coat of future and move onto decaling.

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Hello, a few final shots before gloss coat and decaling. I had originally painted the insides of the engine intakes in brown so I had trouble repainting the deeper parts of it in gray. So I decided to give epoxy sculpting a try to create the intake plugs. Getting the inner contour of the intake was a little challenging (lots of careful trimming and testing) but it was not too bad at the end.


Tamiya's epoxy is very sticky (and hot) when you first mix the two parts. I use a pair of surgical gloves during mixing. Regular water helps lessen that tackiness, without compromising the epoxy's performance.


I used some decals from an old F-4E to for the graphics on the front face of the plugs for visual interest.


The exhaust plates were also painted and (not so successfully) weathered. I should have invested in some aftermarket PE parts for this section.


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Here are a few shots before future. Right after I took these pics, I futured the whole thing. I hope future and the subsequent steps do not alter the sheen too much.

While masking and painting took quite a bit of time, there is not much visual interest. I experimented with a range of gray tones for the edges of the flight surfaces, exhaust, nose, and various panels. Masking just takes way too much time, followed by only a few seconds of airbrushing :(







I am all ears if you have any ideas about how I can realistically weather this. I will apply the decals and an oil wash, but I just don't know how to weather it appropriately. From the pictures I saw, the real thing weathers pretty interestingly, but I just don't know how to replicate them (pastels? oils? filters?...)

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I am all ears if you have any ideas about how I can realistically weather this. I will apply the decals and an oil wash, but I just don't know how to weather it appropriately. From the pictures I saw, the real thing weathers pretty interestingly, but I just don't know how to replicate them (pastels? oils? filters?...)

First of all, I think you've done a fantastic job of painting this Raptor so far! After basic construction, the most important step to creating a decent looking F-22 in my mind is the paint job, because it's so interesting and also so unique.

I've had the chance to see F-22's up close at Nellis AFB quite a few times at their annual air show in November and the one thing that strikes me about their appearance is how clean they are, compared to other fighter jets. This pic below is a good one- and it shows a lot of that subtle pre-shading mottled look you've created so far....


Still, there are exceptions to this clean look, especially if the light is reflected off the surface in just the right way like this pic....


For my $0.02, I'd try to keep it fairly clean, but some staining on the control surfaces that goes with air flow is OK too. For the shine of the stealth paint job, I'd go with almost a matt-gloss look, since they can look fairly shiny at times in certain areas. A gloss look is too much one way and a flat paint finish doesn't look right either, so somewhere in between might work, but don't make it too shiny or it will look like a cheap toy rather than a real jet.

Good luck- and again, great work so far! :thumbsup:

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I liked the initial plan of doing a green aircraft.

I understand why you opted for a grey one instead, and I liked the first try you did.

But I am greatly impressed by your dedication, patience and will-power: redoing everything a 3rd time isn't for the light-hearted.

And having the result at hand I must say that you definitely did the right thing!


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I think you would have mastered the Jade green just like you mastered this paint job :worship: Your build logs are great because you have some killer techniques. Like wetting the tacky epoxy putty and so on... Those plugs look superb as well as the rest of the build (and your previous threads). Looking forward to more pics :D


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Thank you very much everybody. Chuck, I appreciate the pointers on weathering. I think I will keep it fairly clean like you said. I may do a few oil streaks here and there, and may experiment with filters (never truly tried this thing before), but I will try to resist going overboard. Here are a few wip shots.

I completed the canopy and its frame, and the seat. I very lightly dry brushed most of the black parts using MM silver.


I used the kit's seat, but added the PE seat belts from an old F-18F build. I don't think the yellow pull handle has the black stripes, but I decided to add them anyway. The decals on the seat are not the right ones, just made up a few from the spares box.


I also finished the armament. I will use the Aim-9x after all.


I finally finished the decals, added some detail painting, and applied an oil wash using a mix of white (6) : black (4) oils. I am yet to apply a satin/flat clear coat, but will wait a few days before I do so.




Some of the panel line washes are not consistent. In a few days, I will use an old toothbrush to go over those lines to clean up some of the excess.


I haven't seen many Holloman F-22 builds, so decided to go with those markings. The underneath dark grey camo color is quite out of shape as you can tell. It should have been bigger and less curvy. Oh well, the vertical stabs angle out so much that it is difficult to see the outside of the tails (or me thinks...)



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A few more shots from the underside.







The star and stripes at the bottom have been an issue... In reality, it does angle out a little in relation to the closest panel line, but not to the extent I did it here. When the plane is on its legs, these stripes seem to run parallel to the ground. I thought about pulling them out with tape and using a new pair from the spares decal box, but I could not find the matching color and size. Anyway, I plan to leave them as they are.

So, the end is near, but I still have the landing gears to be assembled and painted, as well as putting everything else together. This means probably a week or two before the finish (if all goes as expected).

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Hello everybody, a few more shots before the end. It's mostly about weathering. I used a number of things including: airbrushing tamiya brown, clear blue, clear orange, and gray for the exhausts, highly thinned smoke for panel shading, again smoke for spot shading, oils brushed very lightly over the raised details for more definition, a filter layer of highly thinned gray mixture and metallics airbrushed over the entire surface, pastels for oil streaks, rubbing the entire surface with an old cotton cloth etc. Since these pictures, I added a few more details, but I will hold on to those until I post the final batch of pictures.







I feel the end is near, but it still remains elusive. I think I have been working on this since January. I have spent too much time without much to show for.

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Thank you guys. After seeing quite a bit of dirty Raptors on the net, I actually want to get back to this build and weather the heck out of it! However, the upper surface (especially the wings) don't have enough panel lines or details for me to mask sections off and do tonal variation. Anyway, if anybody has a good idea how I can make this deliciously filthy, let me know.

Here is one example:


Side note: Check out the star and banners, is it truly on the right wing, or is the image flipped?

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