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I would like to make a flag for a u-boat, U 96, 1:144. I would like to display it as if it was simply hanging down, boat in the dockyard, no wind.

Any ideas how to do that? I was thinking of using tissue paper, but that seems too stiff. So I guess some thin cotton might do the trick, but how could I print that myself from both sides?

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Is it a standard Kriegsmarine flag ?

If yes you could use a decal stuck onto some thin tinfoil using decal softener.

When semi-dry you can manipulate the tinfoil into the desired shape before the decal dries completely.

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One can also use brass/metal wire mesh (tea colander or netting (fishing)), dip it in future or colorpaint.

The paint fills the tiny gaps. You can bend it into a desired shape.

Best is to slide the decal later over your pre-shaped "flag".

One can also loosen up the ends, so the flag looks more worn. Some holes trhough it.

It would work great for the scale 1/144, 1/35..

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