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High Planes/Academy 1/48 CAC Sabre conversions

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Your right Mike. It has something to do with the moulding of the conversion fuselages. The warped one came out of the mould too early from the guy that sells them. Here's progress on the 75 Squadron bird including the Alclad exhaust. Decals will de on tonight or tomorrow.





Andrew :cop:

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Thanks Mike. I got a coat of paint onto the 76 Squadron bird today but I'm going to have to go back a do some sanding a filling of some scratches and a seem on the fuselage, unfortunately. Other than that most of the decalling (which is doing my head in) on the 75 Squadron bird is done as is the start of my pilot figure for it. Am awaiting some stuff from the US to complete the cockpit then it'll just about be done;


The two painted fusleages.






I hope you like the progress and keep looking in.


Andrew :cop:

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Thanks Derek and Ray.

And then.........there was four. This one seemed to go together the easiest......I wonder why? Here's more pics;

All in stage position


Clockwise from lower left


Left to right


Right to left


Closest to furthest. This last one (closest) will be the 'Marksmen' Sabre


Andrew :cop:

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Have paused on the 75 Squadron Sword as it is only requiring a panel line wash and finish off. I have been working solidly on the 76 Squadron 'Black Panthers' bird so I can get it to the same stage and then I'll do the 3 Squadron then 2OCU 'Marksmen' birds.

I had some paint issues with the 76 Sqn plane but it is now sorted just having to do the burnt metal exhaust over the polished aluminium. Here's how it looks;



All painted and ready for some decals


LHS decalling done!



Andrew :cop:

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I know I haven't done an update for a bit but this fuselage required some serious adjusting along the seems and puttying and sanding and puttying and sanding to the point where I managed to get paint on before having to go back and do further puttying and sanding. With some more work yesterday the blemishes have again been sanded back the black added to the nose and range trim areas. These Sabres didn't have black deicing strips on the leading edges hence it looks slightly different to the others;



and my 77Sqn Sabre arrived from Hong Kong this morning which means I'm going to add another Sabre

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Nice work, Andrew. I hope the other three turn out as nicely as the first. And no doubt they will as the 3 Sqn Sword looks mighty good.

On a side note, I hope you fared well on the other work related endeavour. Fingers crossed.

Mike :cop:

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