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Spitfire Sisters

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I just saw a documentary entitled "Spitfire Sisters" on EQHD a couple days ago. It was all about the ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary) in Britain during WWII. I quote...

"In late 1939, Commander Pauline Gower MBE was given the task of organising the women's section of the civilian organisation known as the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA). There were 166 women pilots (one in eight of the entire service) who volunteered from Britain, the Commonwealth (Canada, New Zealand and South Africa), United States, the Netherlands, Poland and one from Chile. Fifteen lost their lives in the air, including the British pioneer aviatrix Amy Johnson. One of many notable achievements of the women is that they earned the same pay as men in equal rank as the men flying with the organisation starting in 1943. This was the first time that the British Government gave its blessing to equal pay for equal work, within an organisation under its jurisdiction.

Although initially restricted to non-combat types (i.e. trainers and transports), women pilots were eventually permitted to fly virtually every aircraft flown by the RAF and Fleet Air Arm including the four-engined bombers such as the Lancaster."

This was a great film. These woman ferried over 185,000 aircraft during the war.

This also might be a great topic for a Group Build.

Here is a link to the website and how to get a copy of the DVD if anyone is interested. Thanks.

Spitfire Sisters


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