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Just finished today is my Mi-171(aka "Hip-H") of the Ecuadorian Army ca.1996. This is marked up and intended to depict machine E-480 of No. Brigada de Aviación del Ejército No.15 "Paquisha", immediately post the Cenepa conflict of 1995. The kit is the Hobbyboss Mi-8 in 1/72 scale (which is incorrectly labelled as the contents are more apt to be an Mi-17).

From the beginning, my goal was to build with no expense, and to use only what I had on hand. The kit was nice to build, with plenty of well placed lugs and the fit was excellent. I also made a few modifications for the antenna runs. Replicating the paint scheme was fun, and the decals are from the South American roundels set by Zotz decals (ZTZ/SP4), and the other frisks/text are a mix of the kit decals and/or self made. I also enjoyed the research side of this project as well. Weathering shows this one as a working machine, with dirt, fumes and oil/fuel runs evident. Enjoy!









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Great work on the camouflage scheme and the weathering. What did you do to wear down the decals on the tail boom?

Thank you everyone. I am very happy with that build!

The text decals were inkjet printed: "EJERCITO" was printed in Arial Narrow BOLD Size 17 and "E-480" was printed in Arial Narrow BOLD Size 22. The boom numbers were then run over with 1200grit sandpaper to give them a faded and scratched appearance. ...more dirt, dust and rocks flying around back there...


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