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Got my Dragon Mercury Redstone today

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I'm certainly not an expert, and I know there are a few issues with the kit already, but it does look pretty nice overall I'd say. For a shelf-sitter it's fantastic. Now for the Mercury Atlas and Gemini Titan to go with the Saturn V!! :) Bring 'em on!

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I got mine a couple weeks ago and have been working on it off and on since then. The kit is soft on detail along the body of the rocket, there is none. The decals lack the "crack" for Libery Bell 7, wrong window for Freedom 7 should be round. Some of the escape tower details are over sized but can be reduced with some careful work. The plus's are the price (my Glenco/Revell Mercury 7/Redstone Booster and extras cost about $125), size for limited space, and not having to build tube halves due to there slip molding technology. After it's done it should be a nice addition. The best part is it's not gonna take dozens of hours to finish.


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What is the best color to use for the Mercury capsules? It's not stark black is it?

Rick L.

What I'll be doing with mine is Navy Sea Blue heavily oversprayed with Tamiya Smoke. I experimented with it a few years ago on some TIE Fighter solar wings in preparation for an Atomic City Mercury I was building (which is still not finished). The test worked VERY well as I ended up with a deep gloss blue black (more like black blue) in the process. The gloss helps with decal adhesion and solventing and under a flat coat it looks great in the end. So, that is what I am planning to use from now on for both my Mercury and Gemini capsule builds.

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