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Wierd e-mails from ARC

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For the past few days, I've been receiving oddball e-mails purportedly from ARC members. No harm seems to be attached to these messages, but they are irritating. I've traced them out to places like the Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, etc. I do delete them as soon as poosible, ,and then delete them from "Trash". Hal Sr

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Been getting these for a while. If you sent me a real email and I erased it thinking it was the scam I apologize.

So thats why you never answserd me !!! i tough you where snobbing me !!

Just kidding

At least they can attach any virus to the mail

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I`ve had a couple recently, but asking for help with builds, stuff etc.

When I`ve replied that I`d be happy to help...no reply. :tumble:

It`s a pity as fellow modellers have genuiely contacted me by e-mail in the past, now I just don`t know if I can trust opening these mails.

Sorry if I`m blanking anyone genuine, it`s nothing personal.

Cheers, Ian :cheers:

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Talking of fake e-mails and spammers, The other day I received a e- mail purporting to be from AMAZON { I regularly order books form there }

telling ME that MY order number such and such which I had placed on 2/20/2012

had bene cancelled and would I click on th link to confirm that I no longer need or want it...BUT THE THING WAS I DID NOT GO ON THE COMPUTER on

20TH February till late and I certainly did not use or order anything on THAT day so I knew it was a phising scam so deleted it immediately,

Then went genuinely on the AMAZON of MY own accord and checked MY account, which was still good and secure......Tsk!! These phisers won't give in at all will they ? so guys be aware of that too.

GRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... :bandhead2::woot.gif:

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