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FS 1/48 jets, Albatros A-37 decals and R-27 missiles

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Hi everyone!

Early spring cleaning going on and I have some stuff for sale.

1/48 jets:

Revell Germany 1/48 Eurofighter Typhoon (kit# 04568) single seater combo -30$

TwoMikes -intake covers

-APU exhaust

Hobby Boss 1/48 A-10 Thunderbolt II -35$

Note: Both kits have parts cut from sprues, but are complete!

1/48 decals:

Albatros 1/48 Ferocious Bugs -35$

The A-37 Dragonfly in worldwide service

1/48 weapons:

Kazan 1/48 R-27ER/ET Alamo for Su-27 Flanker -35$

WK4805 (the 8 missile set)

Miniarm 1/48 R-27R -10$

Miniarm 1/48 R-27T -10$

Miniarm 1/48 R-27ER -10$

Miniarm 1/48 R-27ET -10$


DrPepperResins 1/48 R-77 "Amraamski" with launchers 10$

Shipping is 9$ for the model kits and 5$ for Kazan missile set and 2$ for the rest.(continental US) I'm located in NJ.

PayPal or Money Orders please.

PM me if interested!

Thank you for looking!

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