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Holy Crap! I finished something!

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While I've been building on and off over the last few months, it has mainly been wheeled and tracked stuff. Then, for some reason, the mood hit me and I built something with wings! This is the Hasegawa F4U-5 kit which I have built mainly OOB (Ultracast seat replaced the kit part) and used the TwoBobs decals for Glenview NAS that were the included in the 2001 IPMS Nats Convention decal package.






I used Tamiya Sea Blue, as I was out of Gunze (my preferred sea blue). Thought this was a bit darker, so I lightened with a few drops of white and highlighted the interior of panels, etc. to give the paint a bit more differentiation in colour. Finish was with some Polyscale Semi gloss, with Polyscale Flat for the anti glare panel.

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Nice bird! I'm from Glenview so this immediately had my attention. Sad day when the base began closing. Some people were happy thinking the noise from the occasional military aircraft would go away. For their crime Ohare(with the restricted military airspace gone)routed some inbound and outbound corridors right over those people's houses...HA! Now 20seconds can't go by without an airliner shaking the roofs.

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