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Trumpeter LAV-III 1/35 scale

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Man, that looks really nice. Getting back into modeling after 15 years, but instead of aircraft/armor, going for 1/35th scale zombie/apocalypse type dioramas...but no Mad Max kind of stuff. Going to use some military vehicles, some as military surplus, others active duty. One thing I never thought about when I used to build armor was lack of interior detailing/parts. Gobs & gobs of exterior stuff available but only kits I can think of with an interior is Tamiya's/Italeri's M--113's and Tamiya's Bradley which is a shame because vehicles like this cry out for having hatches/doors opened which opens even more diorama possibilities. 

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Black Dog does a complete Stryker interior that would work.  You would just have to make the turret basket. 



Legend also does an engine set for both the Trumpeter and AFV Club Strykers.



There are actually a bunch of models that have full interiors now.  Check out Meng's M2A3 and M3A3 Bradleys and IDF Achzarit Late, Mini Art has multiple tank kits with interiors,  Trumpeter's Russian BTR series have pretty complete interiors, etc...  Black dog also does a bunch of AM interiors, along with Accurate Armour.

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