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An RAF H.C.Mk2 Chinook 1/35

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I have not posted here before I usually post in in progress as I normally do planes so I thought I would have a change and do a helicopter, its the Trumpeter 1/35 CH-47D. I'm converting her to a current RAF HC2 and i'm having to scratch build everything that needs doing in order to make a current RAF HC2, this will take some time but I hope to get her finished before the year is out. I'm using the WWP Chinook in detail book its the only referance book I have on the CH-47D that includes a current version of the RAF HC2, but i'm still having to use certain pic's from other parts of the web as a guide. This is how she looks at the moment.






Thanks for your interest.


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Whooooooo looking good, what's the interior like, have a stalled one on the go then I will try to get round to finishing my decal sheet, this is how far I have done on those. Have started the interior though, was doing an early RAF HC 1 as I was on them at the start.



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Hi all

Tony those decals look the biz how far have you got with them and are you going to sell any?

thanks for all your interest ,I said things would be slow and they sure are. Got some more of the aerials on aswell as some more lumps n bumps also got the rear gun done yesterday, as for the inside it is now starting to take shape but i need to do quite a bit to the interior so thats going to be the time consumer here still here she is.




More to come as of when and thanks again for your comments chaps very much appreciated.


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Decals are sort of on hold, I was originally going to get them printed along with someone else, but it came to naught.. If you need some or part thereoff I can run some off for you on my Alps.

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Hi all

I said this would be a long topic well here is a little progress.

Here I've tried my best to replicate the quilted interior, the quilted material is actually kitchen towel best and nearest i could come up with as a match.




Now I have these interior plaques I can now get on with detaillng the interior yipee!


Well I hope to have more soon thanks for the compliments and you patient interest.


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Hi Clive,

This looks like a big beasty. The additional detail lifts the model to another level, good job.

An alternative to kitchen roll might be some metal foil from around the neck of some sparkling wines or cheaper champagnes. It will sometimes have the diamond pattern already embossed into the surface although you might need a coupe of bottles worth to complete an interior this large..... :beer4:


Looking forward to seeing what you have in store next



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Hi all

thanks for your intrest and comments, Guy you must be a weathly man i've not had champagne for years i dread to thnk how long ago it was but a great sujestion all the same thanks.

Still this is where i'm at now, the interior has been painted and is now ready for some weathering and equipment, i'm not sure if any of you have heard of or have some of the live resin stuff but i have just placed an order with acurate minitures. The resin weapons look the nuts so i'm hoping i will not be disapointed. Any how heres the pictures.

Half painted interior.




All painted interior.



Now the fun starts, I had one of these beasts pass over my house the other night it was no lower than 50 - 100 feet off the roof of my house, it was a site to remember and the rotor wash was like a mild wind very cool.

Thanks for stopping by.


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