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CAPT Carroll LeFon "Neptunus Lex", USN, Ret.

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Folks, this one hit me hard.

Even though I never met the man I read his blog almost daily, and this really hit harder than I thought it would. Perhaps because it was so sudden, and unexpected. (Aren't all of these like this?) I just went to his blog yesterday like I always do expecting to read some his wisdom, and observations on flying, politics, and life. He was a retired USN fighter pilot who only fairly recently began flying as an adversary pilot for ATAC. Only this Tuesday (3/6/12) "Lex" blogged of having a "streamer" upon landing at NAS Fallon the day before. He posted one last blog following the streamer blog, flew, then lost his life in a landing crash.

These are the last two lines he wrote in the "Streamer" blog entry.

"It’s funny how quickly you can go from “comfort zone†to “wrestling snakes†in this business.

But even snake wrestling beats life in the cube, for me at least. In measured doses." - Neptunus Lex, 3/6/2012


The following links will explain better than I can write here. Please take the time to visit them.

CAPT LeFon's blog...


This next one has a photo of the crash scene (edit: which I just added here) as well as several embedded links including CAPT LeFon's bio...


A news report of the crash...


An opinion of the cause, and some of the bloggers personal feelings...



May God be with his family.

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I had read about the crash in the news ...

Rest in Peace, Neptunus Lex ...

Thank You for your Dedicated Service ... :salute:


PS Mark, thanks for the information and links ...

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