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Most figures are sculpted and painted in a semi- scale fashion with regard to relief of details. To prove this to yourself set your thumb and index finnger to the size you re working and go outside to view someone at a distance that fit the hand space.

The detail you actuaal distingush at that distance is the true scale representation and painting objective. Beyond that level is semi-scale embelishment to tell another part of the story of the figure. Body parts and draping shadows should favor the true scale whlie highlighting the embellishments requires judgement and some muting of color.

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MY sister who studied art{ and has a degree in her particular field } was always using het thunmb when painting objects at a distance and she said the same as you do..Gives you better, more refined true perspective of the object, subject that you are about to paint or painting..

Good tips for the future and for thosee that do a lot of "realistic" paint work on their preferred subject..

Thank you,

HOLMES :salute:

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