Space Shuttle Launch Pad 39A with Challenger STS-6

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Hello everybody,


since now only are missing the cameras, as well as the railings and gutters, etc., which still can wait, I now want to take a closer look at the side walls, because there are also some nice details that should not be missing. cool.gif 


Let's look at the Side 2, where there are some inconsistencies in David Maier's Paper Kit touching his CAD Design, that contains some details that do not fit to MLP-2 and therefore need to be corrected. rolleyes.gif


Here first this picture of the Side 2 of my MLP. This side is admittedly numbered in the first and last Bay with Nr. 2 for MLP-2, which, on closer inspection, contradicts some details of the original. i5684_no2.gif




This red-rimmed three-fold kink of the two thin pipes above the LOX lines there is only on the MLP-1, which can be seen in the following picture. Therefore, David M. obviously must have confused the MLP numbers, whyever, because otherwise I can not explain.  denknf8.gif


Source: (NasaPhotographer, STS-116)


This typical route of the two pipes in the middle does not match the MLP-2, as can be seen in the next picture. Both on MLP-2 and MLP-3, these two pipes have only a double kink, which is not in the side center, but further to the left in the Bay 13, whereas the three-fold kink on the MLP-1 is clearly to the right of this interface (Bay 9-11).up045518.gif


Source: NASA (STS-115)


David M. also has some reference photos in his Paper Kit documentation. The curiosity about the thing is that the only reference photo of the Side 2 comes from the MLP-3, whereby the double kink here is unfortunately hidden by the service platform.


Source: NASA


Therefore it would have been better, if the master had used the MLP-3 as a template, especially since his LC39-Paper Kit is based on the STS-135, on which MLP-3 was used. Then his CAD design would have been self-consistent and Launch Pad and MLP would get well together.  top.gif


But be that as it may, one only needs to know and take into account for the construction, cool.gif which is why I simply let this false triple kink disappear and will mount these two pipes with the double kink in the right place.  top2.gif


Fortunately, I have made some copies of the side walls, and there are also some sheets with backup parts in the Paper kit, among others also with neutral gray bays, as one can see here, which I have used.  




Since some bays on the side because of the slight reddish color anyhow were not to my liking, rolleyes.gif these parts for the Bay Lifting come just right, since they fit quite well from the color to the remaining side. speak_cool.gif


Now I have to cut off only suitable parts for the corresponding bays and thereby to redecorate, with which I have already begun here. 




And so I'm hopeful that I can give this side with a better outfit.  up040577.gif

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Hello everybody,


after a little art break, it can now go on now, but therefor a little more detailed. cool.gif


Here is an image of the Side 2 after the recent modification of some bays with some "new wallpapers". speak_cool.gif




Now the disturbing triple kink is eliminated, but as it has turned out, it is not done with it, because on closer inspection, I have also noticed other things that are exactly related to this triple kink and finally explain its strange constructive execution, which is completely mystery to me. denknf8.gif


The reason for my research was initially the fact that the Side 2 still did not really please me, especially since the two thinner pipes and this little red circled box on the frame in the Bay 13 seem sit too high. rolleyes.gif 


Moreover the marked supports on the right (Bay 3-8) have too big shadows, and as I wanted to scratch the supports anyway, they should then cast their own shadows. top.gif




That's why I did still some ancestral research and have looked at my few old reference pictures from the Side 2 at times of the STS-6 and afterwards, but they don't show enough details because they are simply too fuzzy. And the awesome HiRes NASA or Street View panoramas from the past few years unfortunately do not help, but only clarify the dilemma with which I must necessarily live with during my Real Space Scratching of my models. smiley_worship.gif


Meanwhile, I'm a bit smarter and I know that I can also  redecorate this box on the frame in the Bay 13, as there was no such equipment at the MLPs during the first shuttle years,  i5684_no2.gif but instead a different typical detail on another place. cool.gif


A first clue for this was the shot from Challenger's Rollout for the STS-8 (1983), which at first glance seems less exhilarating, because one can hardly see any details on the Side 2. rolleyes.gif  Therefore, I would like to draw your attention directly to this encircled hutch, which later inter alia can explain the position and shape of the triple kink on Side 2 of the Paper Kit. 


In the linked HiRes resolution one can see this somewhat larger box in the Bay 10 more clearly, and the practiced eye can also recognize the double kink of the two pipes on the left even though only hazy. cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon.gif




And here is a shot of the STS-6 from the NSF Forum (Ares67), which shows on the left side of the picture that this box above the two thinner pipes at that time already had existed, actually logical, since both missions are only a few months apart. up045518.gif 


Source: (Ares67)


In the course of these findings, I have recollected to images from the Side 4, JC_idea.gif on which I had noticed a similar box, which can be seen in the following image section from the Lift-off to the STS-6 and that it has oblique supports. 




After my overview so far, there were these boxes at the MLPs at least until the end of the 80s, as one can see on this picture from the Rollout of the Discovery on the MLP-2 for the STS-29 (1989). speak_cool.gif




Since these middle boxes are not available in the Bay 10 in the paper kit, I can now adjust myself to this and can omit these other boxes in the Bay 13 and the triple kink of the pipes (Bay 9-11) with clear conscience. up035091.gif


But now still to the elucidation of the location of this triple-kink in the paper kit, which is indeed on the Side 2 of the MLP-1. The reason for this becomes clear very quickly from this image of the Rollout of the Columbia to the STS-1, although I had to evaluate lots of images. But from the STS-1, there are luckily most of the images you can find in the KSC-Media-Archiv.


As can be seen in this picture, earlier this box was sitting there, around which the pipes were installed. I suspect that it could be a kind of Firex water tank, because you can see a red pipe on the right, which would speak for it. cool.gif


Source: NASA


These boxes were later dismantled on the MLP-1 (red circle), as can be seen in the image of the STS-79 (1996). And since then there is in the Bay 13 instead this box on the frame (green circle), which is existing in the paper kit on both sides, but for the MLP-2 they are absolutely wrong there. top2.gif 


Source: NASA


For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the old boxes on the MLP-2 were also sometime dismanteled and replaced by the boxes on the frame, as shown in this picture of the STS-115 (2006), which was then also freshly painted.


Source: NASA


And now I come to the great photos of the MLP-2 from John Duncan from the year 1998, which I actually wanted to use as standard reference photos for the further detailing of the side walls.  speak_cool.gif 


Since it is soon time to deal with the "roof"gutters, which are interrupted several times, I have numbered the Bays on the Side 2 for better orientation, since I do not always want to count them again for myself. rolleyes.gif


I can still use these images well for scratching, since one can see the details of the pipes and the supports very beautifully. 


Source: (John Duncan)


Source: (John Duncan)


I just have to keep in mind that I have to omit the box with frame in Bay 13 and mount the old box in the Bay 10.  up045518.gif


And finally there are still some small things that I need to correct on this occasion on the Paper Kit side walls, of which more later.


After seeing things a bit clearer and having penetrated through David Maier's MLP confusion, I feel immediately more comfortable again. up040577.gif

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Hello folks,


I want only briefly tell you that I had a good nose with my guess regarding these boxes.  top.gif


As I have discovered in an isometric representation of the MLP-1, Fire Hose Reels were in these boxes. up045518.gif


After dismanteling the old boxes, these hose reels were then mounted directly on the top deck, which were connected by a thin tube coming from the side wall (Bay 10), as can be seen in this image.  


Source: NASA


And here is the matching panoramic shot of the later MLP-2. up045518.gif


Source: NASA


Bye for now. up040577.gif

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"After all the amazing construction of the launch pad, Manfred couldn't replicate the hot dog wrappers in the bottom of the trash can he built from scratch......"


The main reason I have been watching this build for literally years is it is so inspiring to know you can do anything you want if you just be patient and refine your skills. 

Thanks for letting us view this incredible build. I will continue to tune in.


I still say you need to be looking for a great museum for long term loan of this work of art.

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Hi Modeler7, and thanks for your nice compliments. :worship:


I know you're doing it just for the hell of it, and fun must be! 00000016.gif 


But joke aside! Meanwhile, I trust myself a lot, and have also scratched some crazy things, if they were interesting as well as technically relevant and typical for my project. Therefore, the trash can would not be a problem, but unfortunately such stuff don't belong to the standard equipment. up040577.gif

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Hello everybody,


before it goes on with the side walls, here still an appropriate image of the washing and cleaning crew during the Pad Washdown with the long hose from the hose reel to remove the traces after an ordinary start. analintruder.gif


Source: Forum (padrat)


But this was always routine work for the pad guys.  up040577.gif

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Posted (edited)

Hello everybody,


it went on with the Side 2, here is an intermediate step with the redecorated left half, cool.gif




and here the somewhat harmonized and now almost "new" side, which I like much better now.  up045518.gif




And on this image the details can be seen, which are now/again to be attached. top.gif




These are beside the box, the pipes and supports, the three rain gutters with downspouts, whereby the angled, oblique tube at the end of the side (Bay 16-17) is not present in the paper kit. This is due to the wrong MLP-1 version of David Maier, which I will not go into, where this downspout does not exist.  i5684_no2.gif


On the Side 2 of the MLP-2, there was this downspout from the beginning, how also in the STS-115 can be seen in the next image.


In the Bay 17 are still the red ports for the purge lines of the Orbiter's Environmental Control System (ECS), on which the thick red hoses of the Mobile Portable Purge Unit (MPPU) are connected, which should be placed there as a connector. 


Source: NASA


And beneath there are the four Instrumentation Interface Panels, which I will try to get a little bit sharper than the ones from the Paper Kit,   cool.gif


Source: NASA


whereby I'm favourably impressed by this cable jumble during the MLP cabling on the pad again and again.  eek.gif


Source: NASA


And now to the Side 4, on which there are also some things (marked in red) that should be corrected. hmmm.gif 




First of all, there is the box on the frame in Bay 13, which is wrong there and is omitted, but for which the old box is mounted in Bay 10.


And then I must unfortunately dismantle the two lower Pneumatic Vent Mufflers,   cry.gif because they did not exist yet during the STS-6, as I have only now noticed what one can see in this image of the STS-8, which was launched four months later.


Source: Forum (Ares67)


But either I build my pad after the historical original, or I let it be, and therefore they must be removed, whether I like it or not. up045518.gif


At the beginning, I naturally confided in the correctness of the design in David Maier's Paper Kit and reproduced the details, especially since I had neither special detail knowledge nor useful reference photos of the STS-6. 


Today, however, I have a pretty good overview, and so I noticed when studying the fantastic threads of the early missions by Ares67 that the MLP numbers in the kit, especially on the Side 4 do not sit in the right places,   nono.gif but rather where I have drawn them (green).

Almost, I wanted to take over these identifiers from the STS-8, but then I still have discovered an image of the STS-6, which shows, that the rear identifiers of the STS-6 looked differently.  top.gif


It was this image here, on which the front identifier is concealed, but for this the end of the page is to be seen, on which one would be able to recognize something perhaps with a corresponding zoom, I thought at least. denknf8.gif 


Source: Forum (Ares67)


And I was lucky, because that is indeed the case, as you can see on this image.  speak_cool.gif There one can hardly see yet, cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon.gif that the rear identifier is not completely placed in the Bay 18 but in the Bay 18 (red circle). However, because there is little space, due to the the pipe support and the crossbars on which it sits, the 2 is above the lower strut, and the identifier Side 4 beneath it.


At the same time, it can be seen that there were only the two upper Vent Mufflers (blue circle).




And thus I can also consider and correct this disagreement. top2.gif


And finally, I've still tried, wether the Instrumentation Interface Panels can still be improved, wherefore I have copied them from the Street View shot of the MLP-1 and reduced it to 1:160.




And that should be quite possible, I think.  up040577.gif

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And here I thought that you were finished with the MLP's side panels ... and yet, you're finding more and more corrections to make.  :coolio::popcorn:


Your attention to detail, Manfred, is most remarkable and this build should be shared on modelling sites, not just those that feature Real Space.

We are all learning a great deal about how to build an accurate miniature from you.


Thank you!


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Thanks Pete for your continued interest and your nice compliments. :worship:


I have to take it as it comes. smiley_worship.gif


Not only Revell's Launch Tower Kit has a lot of bugs, but rather David Maier's Paper Kit is unfortunately also not quite perfect, which doesn't make things easier, :rolleyes: but let's grin and bear it! up035091.gif


BTW, as I've said, either I build my pad after the historical original, or let it be - To be, or not to be, that's here the question. up040577.gif

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