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1:32 Trumpeter Harrier GR.7

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Finally on the home straight having done as much as I intend regarding ‘weathering’. Had to sand/repaint the nozzles having found back in 2014(?) the nozzle/shroud clearance was insufficient to stop the paint rubbing off. Then found the Zotz arrow head decals are very noticeably small relative to the nozzles. Fortunately, I had some Microscale trim sheet of suitable grey to cut new ones.DthDtch.jpg%20


Into some freewheeling attaching the stores. I am going with 2x CBLS-100s having seen this on two GR.7s, but making the port one removable. Still to finish second one.

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You've turned out a superb Harrier, and even made the drab grey scheme interesting. Looking forward to seeing the daylight photos.


The only improvement I could suggest would be a big GR3 in overall DG/DSG sitting next to it.


I might have suggested a P1127, but that'll go with my AV-8B+, first and end of the line.

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Thanks for taking the time guys. The modelling gods must have read my post yesterday, just had a suitable day for photos and let the digital camera rip. I still marvel at the flexibility of digital cameras, shoot as many as you like at no cost and see instant results. I do bracket exposures and all that, so got to sort through >100 photos.


Matt, I have no idea, just know I am six years older!


Karl, with the age of the Trumpeter GR.7 kit and who knows how many times it has featured in magazines, the only thing in my favour to get something published is if I have something different to offer. I have approached a couple of magazines and yes they are interested, but their SOPs are no commitment until they see the complete article. My SOP is I am not prepared to provide all they require with no assurances. Therein lies a problem.



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....and there I was, thinking I was heading for an all time record, >450 views without a single comment.

Many thanks to all those who have taken the time to contribute during the course of this protracted build.


16 hours ago, Timvkampen said:

John, found you back

Hello Tim, back in the saddle January 2017.


Which leads onto the following.......

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Kev Futter ( https://www.klp.com.au/ ) contacted me a while back regarding the possible publication of an e-book on my Echelon Lightning F.6 build. My thoughts are this wouldn’t have legs due to it being a vacform kit and it’s very limited availability. However, unlike the magazines I contacted, Kev is enthusiastic about doing this for the Harrier GR.7.

Below I list the modifications and additions to the Trumpeter kit and Aires resin sets:

(A) Fuselage

● Aires AV-8B cockpit set, MFDs corrected so as not to be vertically offset. For the ejection

   seat, I used the Wolfpack Mk.12 seat (WP32057) with scratch detail.  HUD projector

   lens is represented in solid resin; modified to fit a clear part. Canopy frame lacks detail to 

   rear underside.

● Aires AV-8B bays set. Main gear bay is completely wrong for a GR.7. Nose

   gear bay solid resin ‘netting’ removed and replaced with mesh. Airbrake bay is the

   wrong shape to the front.

● nose side profile adjusted.

● panels port and starboard nose corrected/added for GR.7.

● formation lights made flush with fuselage.

● engine front compressor fan has incorrect number of blades. Scratch built front two.

● gun pod LIDs too long, narrow, wrong shape front and rear with lack of/incorrect


● main intake lips too thin and vary in thickness.

● nozzle shrouds shape and size improved.

● front nozzles shape and size improved.

● recesses for fold-out steps to starboard nose.

● nose cap replaced and ARBS detail added.

● new enlarged Zeus ECM housings.

● new FLIR housing with window.

cross-dam LID shape (kit part E29) and bay are wrong when gun pod LIDs are fitted.

● fairing shape to front of windscreen improved.

● nose ventral RCV formed to correct shape/size.

● nose antennae (3 No.) replaced.

● lever for nose gear door opening added; set to open.

● extendable step added to starboard.

● nose leg rebuilt and detailed.

● fin scoop intake corrected.

● fin panels re-scribed and raised formation lights made flush.

● ‘turbulence’ strips added to rudder.

● new tail cone, RCV details, lights etc.

● new RMW and RWR antennae.

● ventral fin too thick at trailing edge.

● tailplanes ‘plates’ thinned.

● chaff/flare dispenser (E55) replaced.

● panels immediately aft of wing root fairings have too many fasteners

   and the trim strips incorrectly extend onto these panels.

● main gear leg, door and wheel hubs corrected.

● nose leg door shape/hinging corrected.

● yaw vane made adjustable so as to position at a random angle.

● Centreline pylon scratch built as kit part is totally inaccurate.

(B) Wings:

● wing APU exhaust and intake grille detailed.

● wings corrected for leading edge kink.

● new 65% LERXs.

● pylons too thin, re-scribed and modified to fit around flap and aileron actuator

   fairings. Pylon alignment corrected, when viewed in plan.

● access panels to upper wing surfaces corrected in shape and/or positions.

● correct shape VHF aerial, GPS and distilled water cap added, shape of dorsal  

   and ventral strobes.

● circles representing panel screws (?) removed and wing tips re-scribed.

● RCV detail improved.

● lights, antenna and fuel dump pipes to wing tips redone.

● shape to rear of outrigger bays corrected.

● thickness of outrigger gear doors reduced.

● re-scribing of spine area/inboard wings.

● flap/fuselage fairings to inboard undersides.


(C) Miscellaneous

● CBLS-100s scratch built as none available at the time.

● BOL rails                                                    

● drop tanks front section thin/pointed; tailcone and fins corrected; connection to

   pylon corrected.

● Acquisition pod scratch built.


So that may not be all folks. Is there enough interest in this? Kev has said he will be available to answer any questions.



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Well, who among us hasn't wanted to see their name on the spine of a book? Great idea!

However, I'm a member of that mean constituency that rather than bookmarking pages, saves them in case either they or the photos they contain aren't there tomorrow.


What I would like to see though is a .pdf version that contained very hi-def photos (say 2000x1200px resolution) that could never (within reason) appear in print, and haven't

been seen in the web article. That'd be my suggestion, though I'll leave it to Keven to comment on the practicalities of it.


I wouldn't rule out the Lightning title so quickly either. The Echelon kit is a niche item it's true, but the Lightning itself is an iconic aircraft. And yes, the Trumpeter kit is a horrible let-down, but corrections are slowly coming together for it  Perhaps when they do, that could be part of it too.. Besides, good photos of a well-built model (in either senses of the words, I suppose) are a joy to behold in themselves.

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I think it is a great idea as you can then share you findings and skills/tips/tricks to inspire future Masters! Incredible what you had to tackle with the GR.7. I can only imagine what you would do with the F-14A/B or D by Trumpeter in 32...


I got back in the saddle this year...albeit carefully :)

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John please consider moving forward on producing a book on your build. I found your thread only recently (well not from the beginning) and it is a wonderful guide to build this aircraft. I was excited when Trumpeter released this kit but like other modellers I was hesitant based on their previous history. I was right after seeing many reviews of the kit. I am normally a 1/48th modeller but I do have several 1/32nd subjects if they are not too big like the Hasegawa 1/32nd A-4 Skyhawk and the Hasegawa 1/32nd Me 163. I have come across a good deal on the kit and after reading your thread I am seriously considering picking it up. Also, I am sure you have other pictures that were not posted here and could be put in that book.


If you do decide to go forward you have at least one sale in me :thumbsup:




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John, good to see the journey has come to an end. And what an ending it is...making of a butterfly from the beginning to taking on its wings. Bravo sir!! I would say having a book is always good especially when it has your name on it. However, I'm not much of an ebook type of guy. I'm sure it will be a hit though.


So, what's next? :D

sorry could not resist asking :)

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My post of 21 March was to test the ‘temperature’ and it is what I expected.

                                              The End



Who knows Mike, I think I fancy a 1,1,4+3.

Edited by John Wolstenholme
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14 hours ago, John Wolstenholme said:

My post of 21 March was to test the ‘temperature’ and it is what I expected.

                                              The End



Who knows Mike, I think I fancy a 1,1,4+3.


Oh darn so now that means no book. Too bad. Oh well I can always print off this thread to help.

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