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Hasegawa 1/48 F-18C

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This is the other one I finally managed to finish after starting it over a year ago.

Bit of chore this one and it did cool my affection for Hasegawa quite a bit.

Managed to pick it up at an airshow in Belgium for quite a good price (€25,-) but the full retail price is much higher.

This is their "new" Mighty Shrikes boxing (No. 09849) which contained all the parts for a current Swiss or Finnish Hornet.

Unfortunately it also contained sinkmarks all over the place, on the wings, rear fuselage, nose section, which all had to be filled and re-scribed.

Comes with trying to milk the last drops from an old mould I guess.

Some panel lines on the forward fuselage are missing as well so I scribed them on.

Decals are by F-4Dable and I was going to use their Swiss ones first but decided I liked the Finnish one better (also I have 2 other Swiss projects on the go anyway).

You don´t see many Finnish aircraft, their Hornets are not exactly spectacular from an aesthetic point of view, but I kind of like the "minimalist" approach.

HN-457 Was the last F-18C delivered and carries the name of Count Von Rosen (founder of the Finnish Air Force).

The last two digits are repeated on the top of the tail and are not included on the F-4Dable sheet but I had an Icarus sheet for Greek F-16s which contained numbers of exactly the right size and colour.

To add at least some eye candy I hoisted the included pilot figure into a bright coloured flight suit and gave him a missile cueing helmet from the Tamiya F-16 kit.

Still need to add AIM-9X and AMRAAM but that can wait for now.

Exhausts are Aires.

Hope you like.









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