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After finishing up an 1/24 scale Airfix Hurricane I got the bug to tackle the Stuka as well.

Because Airfix allows you to remove all the nose cowlings I though I'd do a bit extra to the engine.

Here's where I'm at so far.





I haven't too many references that show good details of the engine but doing what I can.

Airfix have done quite a nice job on the kit parts and the moulds have held up pretty well considering the age of this kit.

Almost ready to break out the paint pots and weathering.

Thanks for looking and as always correction welcome.


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Torn the radiator apart and did some mods.


Used Radus etched radiator matrix and it works great. Pity I used too fine a screen on the front because you can hardly see it but it looks great at the back.


Lots more to add and I'm beginning to add some paint.


I stumbled on to something that helped me out with all these little parts. I like to use those tiny photo etched bolt and screw details but they are the devil to hold onto long enough to add them to the model. I'm sure somebody has tried this before but I got to thinking that if I coated the end of a toothpick with liquid masking and let it dry it would still be tacky enough to pick up the part and let me touch it into a blob of superglue then place it on the model. I was surprised that it worked quite well. I find that the superglue doesn't like the masking fluid and if I hold the part for a few seconds then give it a little twist the part stays put. I do find that I have to recoat the toothpick after a few parts but that only takes a second. I'm sure this isn't new but I hadn't seen it before. Give it a try it's made my life a touch easier.


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Always happy slinging paint :)




Had a bit of an AMS attack and added a thin lip of rolled solder to the radiator and then added an upper lip of styrene with some styrene bolts....


At last the radiator is in primer and I can paint it.

Mareku-- Thanks! I hope you like her in paint.

Thanks for dropping in for a look.


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mareku-- Thank you. I very much enjoy painting. Much more to add to this engine. I've cut off the engine bearers to attach them directly to the engine and then pin them to the fire wall.

I think that's the only way to keep from destroying the engine while I build the fuselage.


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That's some piece of engine you got there! My gosh it looks so realistic! :jaw-dropping:

May I ask what brand of paint you're using?

Thanks for the earlier tip on how to hold tiny bits for gluing. I use white tac but will give it a shot with masking liquid next time as I have an idea it works better. :)

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Made a misstook. Should have put the four holes on the bottom of the exhaust shroud... Got a bit muddled.

Received a Legends resin pilot and brass MG barrels in the post today so I've got more goodies to play with.

Thanks for stopping in.

Michel C--Glad you like her. As for paints I'm a bit of a magpie. I love paints and have heaps of different ranges.

The basic block is in Lifecolor UA407 Panzer Uniform a lovely dark neutral grey. Over that are washes of Reaper violet shadow and deep blue shadow and P3 Armour wash.

Drybrushing is in Vallejo Model Air gray primer and Games Workshop Graveyard Earth. Followed up with a hit of pastels in three colours of the Tamiya weathering set F (Titanium, Light gun metal sand copper.)

Topped off with a squirt of Testors Dull Coat from a can.

Still needs some more washes in oily colours and another hit of pastels but a good start.

All the other colours get much the same. Base coat, shadow and highlight with a wash or two and some pastels. Must be close to thirty different paints so far but I just grab what I think will work. Trying out the new formula Games workshop colours

right now.( they might just be okay but I'm going to try and get as many of the old ones as I can especially chain mail!) All the better paints; Lifecolor, Vallerjo, Reaper, and Games Workshop thin beautifully and brush paint nicely so that it's a joy to

work with them. Lots of thin coats and trying to keep it all subtle( and I'm not very good at subtle).

Oh and I forgot the basics...A nice thin coat of Mr.Surfacer 500 thinned with Tamiya lacquer thinners gives the paint something to bite into.



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Thanks Dan for the rundown on the paints. You've got quite an assortment to choose from there. I personally try to stick to a few brands, namely Gunze for airbrushing and Vallejo for paint brushing but you've planted an idea into my mind to widen my horizon. I'll let that one grow... ;)

To repeat, your engine looks awesome! :worship:

Keep up the good work!


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Started work on the cockpit.

Mg15 need some work and I know that the MG17 barrel is wrong but boy does it look nice;)



I'll get some paint on her tonight.

Hopefully I'll have a bit more tomorrow. Though I did stop into the shops this morning and get the 1/24 scale Fw-190a...

Can't help myself. :)


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MG15 painted.


Started working on the cockpit. Spurious floor detail and some wiring to the radios. Seat got its sides hacked off the thin 0.5 mm extensions and then capped with some thin styrene side plates. New seat pad from epoxy putty. Awaiting Eduard belts.( Anyone know where the shoulder belts attached to? Rollover bar?


Expended ammo bag was just a slab sided styrene box and I wanted to make it look more like canvas over a metal frame. Broke out the Dremel and after a bit got this.


A bit more texture and I think it will paint up okay.

Mark--Thanks for the feedback.


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