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Couple of Ponies!

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You realy shouldn't call them Ponies dry.gif :P

An all black and camo, I forsee to awesome P-51's!

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anyway, instructions call for white canopy frame and spinner on the black one. Is there a photo proof or is probable it would be natural metal?

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Hey there great subject =D

first of i need to apologize for not being more proactive since the GB started, had a lot going on but will try to be here more.

here is the info i have:

the general consensus is that the sniper and frame on "el negrito" (Blackie 405) where white.

if you go by the pictures you could be inclined to go either way bare metal or white; but you need to remember

these where "el Jefe's" days (Trujillo dictatorship) and these aircraft where kept in immaculate conditions. Clean

and not a pain chip to be seen (or some one would be fed to the real sharks), so its safe to assume that the spinner and frames where pained along with the white numbers and roundels and flag.

as to 1900

funny thing... it was a two seater hehe, they removed the equipment behind the pilot, added a wood seat and a control column and installed the instruments on the sides. But I made the same mistake when i did mine so who cares! =)

heres some pics for yah.

el negrito:



1900 and a couple of other:




if you have any other questions i'l help out with all i can!

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Thanks a lot for your reply! Looking at the second photo I'm almost certain spinner and canopy frame are aluminium - especially if you compare them to the whites in the roundel and on rudder markings. I guess I'll go that way with my build.

As for the 1900, I'll build it as a singleseater. It would be quite hard to hollow out the cockpit as it is.

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